Researchers reveal different water isotope concentrations in both monthly and daily precipitation observations across

Natural Covid antibodies last seven months for children, according to new study

An isotope of a chemical element contains the same number of protons in the center of its atom, but when compared to another atom, the number of neutrons is different. Regarding water, some hydrogen and oxygen atoms within water molecules contain different number of neutrons, resulting in water isotopes. Because of the wide range of … Read more

Australia Institute disputes Victorian coal-to-hydrogen emissions claims

A large ship in port

New research has found a project using Victorian brown coal to make hydrogen is unlikely to meet its claimed emission reductions. Key points: New research from the Australia Institute says environmental claims by a consortium trying to produce hydrogen from coal for export are misleading The institute says its calculations show the Hydrogen Energy Supply … Read more

COVID-19 mortality strongly predicted by autoimmunity to type I interferons and advancing age

Study: The risk of COVID-19 death is much greater and age-dependent with type I IFN autoantibodies. Image Credit: NIAID

In a recent study published in the journal PNAS, researchers estimated the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infection fatality rate (IFR) and relative risk of death (RRD) among subjects across ages. Study participants were either carriers of autoantibodies (auto-Abs) which neutralized low concentrations (100 pg/mL), or high concentrations (10 ng/mL) of type I … Read more

Top Gun: Maverick is a triumphant, propulsive action blockbuster

Top Gun: Maverick is a triumphant, propulsive action blockbuster

Against all expectations, the 36-years-later sequel to Tom Cruise’s iconic 80s blockbuster really is that good. If you think the 36-years-later sequel to Tom Cruise extravaganza Top Gun is going to dial up the cheese and fetishise the American military, you would be correct. Top Gun: Maverick does both of those things and with a … Read more

7 Gmail Browser Extensions to Use if You’re Always in Pursuit of a Cleared Inbox

Google pretty regularly adds new features to Gmail, but there’s always room for improvement, and third-party developers have been quick to plug the gaps. Here are seven Gmail browser extensions that are polished and powerful enough to be native features (and hopefully will be one day…). 1. Checker Plus for Gmail (Chromium, edge) Checker Plus … Read more

Monkeypox virus: Australian authorities on alert amid outbreak in UK, US, Europe

Monkeypox virus: Australian authorities on alert amid outbreak in UK, US, Europe

Australian experts say the spread of monkeypox virus in the US, UK and Europe “at the same time” is a “big problem” and that the disease is “not pleasant”. Australian health authorities are concerned that the rare but potentially serious monkeypox virus could reach Australia as cases are detected in the UK, the US, Canada … Read more

Australia construction giant Metricon reassures it is strong despite rumors

The acting CEO of Australia’s largest home builder, Metricon, claims the company remains strong, despite its management holding crisis talks in melbourne this morning. Acting Metricon CEO Peter Langfelder this afternoon fronted the media to deny rumors that the company is on the verge of collapse. “Metricon has long term viability,” Langfelder said. Acting Metricon … Read more

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard: Move that could backfire in court battle

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard: Move that could backfire in court battle

Amber Heard’s legal team may plan to have Johnny Depp take the stand again, but experts say there is a reason that could work against her. Amber Heard calling Johnny Depp back to the stand could be a “risk”, partly because of how likeable he was when he first tested during bombshell defamation trial he … Read more

Teaching physics to AI makes the student a master – ScienceDaily

Lung tissue from the lab - ScienceDaily

Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that incorporating known physics into machine learning algorithms can help the inscrutable black boxes attain new levels of transparency and insight into material properties. In one of the first projects of its kind, researchers constructed a modern machine learning algorithm to determine the properties of a class of engineered … Read more