Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system? – Arab Defense News

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?  - Arab Defense News

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?

We are pleased to provide you with an overview Surface-to-air missile system S-300 Russian. S-300 It is a series of highly capable, long-range surface-to-air missile complexes first deployed in the Soviet Union in 1979. It was later modified by the Russian Armed Forces.

In addition to targeting aircraft, fully mobile units have the ability to engage ballistic missiles.

Experts believe that Russia is likely to deliver the systems S-300PMU-2 Also known as the NATO codename SA-20. It was first introduced in 1997 and is comparable to the US Patriot air and missile defense system.

The Russian batteries are manufactured by a state company, Almaz-Antei, which announced last year. It will stop producing S-300s and shifting resources to the more advanced S-400s.

How does the Russian S-300PMU-2 missile defense system work?

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?
Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?

-tracks radar The long-range monitors objects at a range of 300 km (185 miles) and transmits information to the command vehicle. that assess potential targets
The target is identified and the command vehicle commands the engagement radar to fire rockets
. The launch data is sent to the battalion’s top six launch vehicles, and they fire two surface-to-air missiles
The engagement radar helps direct the missiles towards the target. It can direct up to 12 missiles simultaneously. and engage up to six targets simultaneously
The vehicle used as a launcher is currently being manufactured at the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT) in Belarus ,. And although Russia is now shifting production to its western city of Bryansk.

Russian S-300PMU System Specifications

Each launcher vehicle carries four containers missiles (Two missiles per target). And a full battalion of six launch vehicles with a total of 24 missiles. In addition to command and control vehicles and long-range radar detection

Special Feature: Fires 2 missiles vertically within 3 seconds, making it versatile and accurate

Ability: Russian 48N6E is rockets Standard launch from S-300PMU launchers. It has a range of 5–150 km (3–93 miles) with a maximum range of 27–30 km (17–19 miles).

response time: The vehicle stops to launch the missile for five minutes

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?
Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?

In general, the LS-300 system is used in Eastern Europe and Asia. However, the information is inaccurate about the countries that actually own this system. The most important of which are:

Algeria: 8 systems AS-300 BMU-2 (S-300PMU-2), each system consists of 12 launchers and radars. Ordered in 2006 and received in 2011.




Bulgaria: two systems AS-300

China It purchased the S-300PMU-1 and has a license to remanufacture it under the name HQ-10.

Greece: Cyprus signed the S-300 purchase agreement in 1996 and purchased the S-300 system AS-300 PMU-1 (S-300PMU-1). But as a result of the political escalation between Cyprus and Turkey and external pressures, he was transferred to Greece.

Slovakia: I inherited it from Czechoslovakia.

India: I bought 6 batteries AS-300 1995, worth $1 billion, believed to be the LS-300. BMU-2 (S-300PMU-2) with 48 missiles per system.

Russia: All versions of this system have been used by the Russian Air Defense Forces, which are part of the Russian Air Force. She is working on replacing it with her new system AS-400More than 20 battalions will be equipped with S-400 systems by 2015

Ukraine: S-300BS, S-300PMU, S-300V and others. Only six systems have been repaired since 2004. As a result, only 40% of Ukrainian S-300 systems are in working order.

Venezuela: I ordered two battalions AS 300 VM (S-300VM “Antey-2500”), delivered May 2012.

Vietnam: Purchased two S-300PMU-1 batteries for approximately 300 million US dollars.

Egypt: The S-300VM system entered service in 2014 and is already in stock (Egypt).

Syria: It was officially announced on September 4, 2013 by Russian President Vladimir Putin Damascus . The first shipment of the S-300 system was received, but Syria did not receive the entire system. After the Russian plane was shot down off the coast of the Syrian province of Latakia, the Russian government decided to hand over the S-300 missile system to Damascus.

Four air defense batteries with 100 missiles for each system have been delivered since October 2, 2018.

Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system?
Who owns the Russian S300 air defense system? or,and,then,because,as,where,maybe

former users

Croatia: No longer maintains the S-300 system.
Germany Eastern.
Soviet Union.

potential future users




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