Huge demand for Leopard 2A8 tanks from the German and Czech armies –

طلب ضخم على دبابات Leopard 2A8 من الجيشين الألماني والتشيكي

Leopard 2A8 tanks are in huge demand from the German and Czech armies

announced Czech Ministry of Defence They authorized Defense Minister Jana Černochová to negotiate the possibility of joining Germany Buying tanks. New main combat Leopard 2A8 MBTs .

Thus, the army of the Czech Republic is ready to receive an advanced land platform, which is widely used by the armies. European and compatible with other NATO forces. And by joining forces with Germany The Czech Republic expects significant cost reductions, fast delivery and guaranteed logistical support.

The proposed Leopard 2A8 version will be among the best available in the global market. If he decides Czech army The purchase of these tanks together with Germany would represent a significant advance over the existing ground equipment (T-72M4CZ and Leopard 2A4).

The army praises the technical standards and capabilities of the tank. And “The Leopard tank better meets the requirements Czech army A modern tank is available. In the current market, with sufficient invulnerability, mobility and a high degree of crew protection.

It is also a tank used by many NATO armies and does not need further development,” says Col. Jan Kerdyk, Director of the Land Forces Development Department.

west nation Czech Ministry of Defence Now officially contacting representatives of the German Ministry to request the start of negotiations on the terms that can join. Under which the Czech Republic to Germany’s planned purchase. And from the information available, it appears that other NATO member states are also considering a similar approach.

An important benefit of joint procurement is ensuring maximum interoperability within NATO. Participating individual countries’ treasuries will vary. In joint purchase only in technology connections, which differ from state to state, otherwise they would be identical. Which greatly facilitates joint exercises, maintenance and repair of equipment.

“Negotiations are just beginning, so revealing details would be futile. However, we can broadly say that we are talking about 70 tank units. We expect the price to be in the tens of billions. We expect to deliver the tanks by the end of this decade.”

Leopard 2A8

Leopard 2A8 tanks are in huge demand from the German and Czech armies
Leopard 2A8 tanks are in huge demand from the German and Czech armies

The Leopard 2A8 is the latest modern version in the Leopard family Leopard 2 of the main battle tanks from GermanyThis tank is equipped with an advanced armor protection system.

It is believed to include layered armor of the latest generation. The construction includes an incorporation of steel, tungsten, composite and ceramic components.

Moreover, it includes an additional passive armor set.

Improvements have been made to enhance mine protection and support the turret roof defense. The tank is equipped with a type of Israeli Trophy active protection system, also known as EuroTrophy.

And you keep Leopard 2A8 tank The main armament is from its predecessors in the Leopard 2 series, and is fitted with a 120mm/L55 smoothbore gun. This weapon is manually loaded and can fire all standard 120mm NATO tank ammunition as well as programmable DM11 High Explosive (HE) rounds.

DM11 120mm x 570 HE programmable multi-purpose ammo, designed by German company Rheinmetall. It has the ability to operate in three distinct modes: delay (mV), and no delay (oV). and atmospheric burst point (LSP).

This feature enables it to effectively engage a wide range of targets. The delayed impact fuse is particularly suitable for targeting enemies hiding behind cover, and the instantaneous impact fuse excels in penetration missions. And the air blast point mode is ideal for fighting infantry targets.

Germany confirms the acquisition of 18 new Leopard 2A8 tanks, with an additional order of 105 tanks

Leopard 2A8 tanks are in huge demand from the German and Czech armies
Leopard 2A8 tanks are in huge demand from the German and Czech armies

And in the same vein as the Leopard 2A8 tanks began German army (Bundeswehr) plans to purchase 18 tanks Leopard 2A8 . As a replacement for the previously donated Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine.

This forms part of a larger initiative that may include the purchase of an additional 105 Leopard 2A8 tanks, as shown. In contract documents considered by the Bundestag (German Federal Parliament) on Wednesday 24 May 2023.

As part of the ongoing military assistance to Kiev, transferred German government 18 of the most recent Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks (MBTs) have been shipped to Ukraine.

The decision came amid an escalation of Russian aggression against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure earlier this year. The Bundeswehr now plans to replace these tanks with prototypes Leopard 2A8 Developed at a purchase price of 525.6 million euros.

According to the budget committee of the Bundestag (Gauman Parliament), the decision to purchase these tanks is a strategic one. Given that Leopard 2 Considered the “main weapon of German armored forces,” filling the gaps left by donations to Ukraine is a priority for national defense capabilities.

The procurement plan goes beyond simply replacing the tanks awarded. The contract includes an option for up to 105 additional Leopard 2A8 tanks at a price of another €2.3 billion.

And KMW, the manufacturer, has offered to start production of two more battle tanks per month from June 2026, provided that it chooses German government This additional purchase.

This bulk purchase appears to meet expected needs for the German army (Bundeswehr). With a military stock. With a current total of 328 Leopard II tanks, far fewer than during the Cold War, the planned purchases will greatly enhance its capabilities.


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