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سر انقلاب رئيس فاغنر على بوتين

The secret of Wagner’s coup against Putin

Western newspapers paid close attention to Tamarod Wagner On President Putin US spy agencies picked up intelligence information. In mid-June, it is reported that the head of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin. He was planning an armed action against an establishment Russian defence which he has long accused of spoiling the war in Ukraine. He promptly notified the White House and other government agencies, according to the Washington Post.

Several US officials said on Saturday that they were not surprised, and officials added that the exact nature and timing of the plans Prigozhin. It became clear only shortly before his spectacular seizure of military command and he headed towards Moscow on Friday and Saturday.

“There were enough signals to tell the leadership … that something happened,” said a US official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter. “So I think they were ready for that.”

The official said that over the past two weeks there has been “significant concern” about what might happen and if Russian President Vladimir Putin . He will remain in power and what instability might mean for the Russian nuclear arsenal, pointing out that “there were a lot of questions along these lines.”

Officials said that the instability that could result from a Russian “civil war” is the main fear, noting that in addition to the White House. Senior officials have been briefed Pentagon And the State Department and Congress over the past two weeks on the intelligence.

The main motive for President Wagner’s coup against Putin

The secret of Wagner's coup against Putin
The secret of Wagner’s coup against Putin

Officials said Prigozhin’s main motive was an order Russian Ministry of Defense On 10 June that all detachments of . Volunteers on contracts with the government.

Although the order did not mention the Wagner Group by name, the implication was clear: the capture of Prigozhin’s mercenary forces. who proved essential to the Russian military campaign in Ukraine and helped secure some of its most notable tactical victories.

Leaked intelligence documents obtained by The Washington Post earlier this year show Wagner building an empire. Real in Africa, where Prigozhin provides security for government systems, sometimes in exchange for valuable material rights.

The leaked documents show that senior Russian leaders are particularly concerned about the attacks Prigozhin discursive, which they found to be relevant. credibility and undermine their authority.

“The tensions between the Wagner Group and the Russian Defense Ministry are no secret,” said a senior Biden administration official. “We have all seen Prigozhin publicly criticize, warn and threaten the Russian military on a number of occasions.”

Advance warning

The secret of Wagner's coup against Putin
The secret of Wagner’s coup against Putin

US intelligence agencies believe that Putin He was also informed that Prigozhin was planning something. It remains unclear why it was not taken. Putin took measures to thwart Prigozhin’s takeover of military leadership or his move toward Moscow.

Wagner’s boss arrived within 120 miles of the capital before turning around after a brokered deal Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, . An ally of Putin, the deal calls for dropping criminal charges against Prigozhin, which were filed on Friday after he accused the Russian defense minister. Sergei Shoigu ordered an attack on his mercenaries, issuing a call to “finish off” the minister’s command.

Putin’s inaction and lack of high-level coordination reflected in Russian government and potential internal discounts. On the situation in Russia, as American officials believe.

Prigozhin met little resistance when he and his forces marched on Rostov They took control of the headquarters of the southern military region there. Western and US intelligence officials have also noted, describing this as an indication that he has some caliber. of support among the regular military forces as well.

The senior Western official said: “If Prigozhin He intends to drive a wedge between the leadership of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Kremlin, but he failed.” Which means that the 24-hour insurrection, for now, does not seem to have sparked a wider rift between Putin’s inner circle and the military leaders. Prigozhin hates them.

Even though Prigozhin steps down, officials said, Putin will almost certainly be seen as weak.

Wagner’s forces withdraw from Voronezh and movement restrictions in Rostov are lifted

The secret of Wagner's coup against Putin
The secret of Wagner’s coup against Putin

And in the latest news ending the rebellion Wagner Wagner’s forces withdrew from the Boronej area the day after the end of the armed rebellion, while Rifaat . All restrictions on the movement of transport in the Rostov region.

In detail, the governor of the Voronezh region, in southern Russia, announced on Sunday that the elements of a group Wagner Achieve their withdrawal from the day after the agreement. It led to the end of the armed rebellion against the military leadership.

Governor Alexander Gusev said, “The movement of Wagner units in the Voronezh region is in the process of being completed … the matter is taking place naturally. And without incidents,” noting that the restrictions imposed on Saturday on movement will be lifted as soon as “the situation is finally resolved.”

And in the Rostov region, Russian news agencies on Sunday quoted local officials as saying that the authorities had lifted all restrictions imposed by the authorities. It was imposed on the movement of transport in the Rostov region, including restrictions on highways.

The reports quoted Sergey Tyurin, Deputy Minister of Regional Policy and Information in the region RostovHe said, “The bus stops. The railways are operating normally. Tickets are on sale, and flights to all destinations are on time.”

A short while ago, TASS news agency announced that the Chechen Ahmed Brigades were withdrawing from the Russian region of Rostov

The end of the rebellion and the “exile” of Prigozhin

The secret of Wagner's coup against Putin
The secret of Wagner’s coup against Putin

The armed rebellion was led by a company leader Wagner Special Military Service, Yevgeny Prigozhin, who ordered his forces to march on Moscow. Before he changed course, it was over and the Kremlin revealed on Saturday where he will now be staying.

The Kremlin announced that Prigozhin would move to neighboring Belarus and not face trial, as part of a deal to defuse the crisis. Which represents the biggest challenge to President Vladimir Putin during more than two decades in power.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that the charges against Yevgeny Prigozhin Charged with launching an armed rebellion will fall and will not. Forces that joined him are also being prosecuted, and fighters from the Wagner Group who did not participate in the rebellion will be offered contracts by the Ministry of Defense.

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