Russia Deploys the Dangerous Khrizantema-S Vehicle to Destroy Western Tanks – Arab Defense News

روسيا تنشر مركبة Khrizantema-S الخطيرة لتدمير الدبابات الغربية

Russia deploys the dangerous Khrizantema-S vehicle to destroy Western tanks

to fight Western tanks Modern used by the Ukrainian army, published Russian forces One of the most powerful anti-tank armored vehicles. efficacy, known as Chrysanthemum S., Russian designation, 9P157-2.

The missile launched by Khrizantema-S has the ability to penetrate armor tanks Passive and reactive. Moreover, it can engage low-altitude aircraft, defensive infrastructure, and enemy forces.

According to Russian sources, three Khrizantima have the ability to confront 14 offensive tanks, which eliminates at least sixty percent of the offensive force. And the dual steering system ensures resistance to electronic disturbances and the ability to operate in any weather conditions, regardless of day or night.

And it was detected rocket Chrysanthemum anti-tank missile in July 1996 by the Engineering Design Bureau. Konstruktorskoye Byuro Mashynostroyenia KB Mashinostroyeniya – KBM.

Development of the missile began in the 1980s and was designed as a multi-purpose, all-weather missile system that could defeat units. Current and future armored vehicles equipped with advanced armor protection, such as Armor ERA.

9M123 Chrysanthemum

Russia deploys the dangerous Khrizantema-S vehicle to destroy Western tanks
Russia deploys the dangerous Khrizantema-S vehicle to destroy Western tanks

he homing Russian anti-tank (ATGM). It is designed to destroy current and future generations of main battle tanks and can also be used to engage air targets. Slow and low flying like helicopters.

An anti-tank missile system can be installed Khrizantema-S on several types of vehicle platforms. One such platform is the BMP-3, a Russian infantry fighting vehicle (IFV). The combination of the Chrizantema-S system on the BMP-3 chassis provides a high vehicle. Moving, well protected and heavily armed they can be used in a variety of combat scenarios.

The BMP-3 is one of the most heavily armed infantry fighting vehicles in service and is designed to provide infantry divisions with protection. armored While also providing significant firepower. And when combined with Khrizantema-S, the vehicle’s anti-armor capabilities are greatly improved.

The 9M123 missile, used in the Khrizantima system, is a supersonic projectile capable of reaching speeds of up to 400 metres. per second approximately, which is equivalent to Mach 1.2. Its operational range ranges from 400 meters to 6000 meters. Uses The missile Rocket engine. It is solid-propellant with dual exhausts placed on either side, which rotate the missile in flight for propulsion.

Pointing and control of the missile is facilitated by a pair of pop-up control surfaces located at the rear of the missile. Four additional surfaces, placed in front of the controls, give the missile stability during its flight. One of the distinguishing features of the Khrezantima missile is that, depending on the type of missile, it can be guided by either radar or laser.


Russia deploys the dangerous Khrizantema-S vehicle to destroy Western tanks
Russia deploys the dangerous Khrizantema-S vehicle to destroy Western tanks

Use directed version bradar A millimeter wave radar unit automatically tracks the target and guides the missile along a beam radar. This line-of-sight beam (LOSBR) routing is an automatic ACLOS command. In the laser-guided version, a continuous laser beam is directed at the target, and a sensor in the back of the missile can follow that beam, a guidance method also called LOSBR. Here it means SACLOS.

This dual guidance capability allows the simultaneous firing of two missiles at two different targets, one of which is B-guidedlaser and the other by radarf. The payload of each missile includes a high explosive anti-tank warhead (HEAT) tandem charge. It is claimed to penetrate 1,100-1,250 mm of Rolled Homogeneous Armour (RHA) even if fitted with Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA).

Alternatively, it can be armed The missile With a thermobaric warhead to combat soft-skinned targets, fortifications and personnel.


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