Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev – Arab Defense News

Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev - Arab Defense News

Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev

Russia launched a massive offensive across Drones Target the Ukrainian capital Kyiv . And a person was killed in Ukrainian capital Kiev, as a result of a “massive” drone attack targeting the city, according to Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

According to Ukrainian sources, “a 35-year-old woman was taken to hospital, and a 41-year-old man died,” adding that the wreckage of drone . Fell near a gas station.

Klitschko noted that the air defenses in Kyiv It shot down “more than 20 drones heading to the city,” appealing to . Residents of the capital, “stay in shelters. The attack is massive.”

He added that a fire also broke out at the headquarters of a company in the Holoseevsky district.

On Friday, the head of the local civil and military administration, Serhiy Popko, counted 13 attacks in the city Kyiv During this month.

Over the past few weeks, reports of drone attacks inside Russia have also multiplied, in regions bordering Ukraine.

The Russian regional authorities said that the bombing targeted these areas on Saturday, killing two people.

Moscow holds Kiev and its Western backers responsible for these attacks, including the attack on the kremlin, But Ukraine denies any involvement.

Russia eases attacks on Bakhmut to regroup

Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev
Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev

In contrast to the heavy attack on Kyiv Temporarily reduced the pace of its attacks on the besieged city of Bakhmut in the east Ukraine . with the aim of reorganizing its ranks and strengthening its capabilities.

Senior Ukrainian officials indicated in separate statements that their forces are ready to launch a long-awaited counter-offensive. to regain the lands they once controlled Russia Since the beginning of the war.

The Russian private military group, Wagner, began handing over its sites to the Russian regular forces last week, after it announced. It took full control of Bakhmut in the aftermath of the war’s longest and bloodiest battle.

Deputy Hannah Maliar said Ukrainian Defense Minister In a statement on the Telegram application, Russian forces continue to attack, but the general activity of operations has decreased.

“There were no active battles yesterday and today, whether in the city or on its outskirts,” she added Russian forces . Instead, you bombard the suburbs and roads leading to Bakhmut.

“The decline in the enemy’s offensive activity is due to the fact that the forces are being changed and their ranks are being reorganized…the enemy is trying to strengthen its capabilities,” Maliar said.

Putin: The time is now for “self-determination for Russia”

Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev
Russia launches a massive drone attack on Kiev

He said Russian President Vladimir Putin His country does not need externally imposed guidelines or standards, he stressed. that the time “now is the time for self-determination of Russia,” and the struggle for the right to “embody its identity.”

confirmed Vladimir PutinIn a video message on the occasion of the opening of the Academy of Creative Industries at the “Tavrida” art complex in Crimea, Russia. It does not need guidelines or standards imposed “crudely” from the outside, “that suppress any authenticity and any identity in development,” adding, “We have. Great respect for the heritage of world culture, in our country it is simply impossible to imagine attempts to abolish it.

And he continued Russian president He said, “But looking at what is happening in the world, we understand more clearly, we do not need guidelines or standards brazenly imposed from outside, which suppress any autonomy and originality in development. For us, now is indeed the time for self-determination and the struggle of Yes, the right to embody ourselves,” according to Russian media.

pointed out Putin He pointed out that “culture and art are among the fields designed to unite people, but today they find themselves in the epicenter of geopolitical confrontation.”

And he continued: “Everything related to Russia is canceled and deleted from the heritage of civilization. Thus, such personalities are punished first and foremost. itself and deprives its people and citizens of the opportunity to touch true masterpieces.

He pointed out that Russian culture “has a special valuable message that speaks of the power of compassion, mutual respect, and the most important spiritual and moral foundations. that must be preserved.”

Putin added: “I am sure that you (young people) are daring, creative and courageous and will be able to say your word in art, to reveal . Maximize your talents, set new directions, and renew the richest heritage of our culture.”

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