Russia drops Ukrainian marches electronically, and Zelensky needs 50 Patriot platforms

Russia drops Ukrainian marches electronically, and Zelensky needs 50 Patriot platforms

Russia drops several Ukrainian marches electronically, and Zelensky needs 50 Patriot platforms

communication Kyiv Trying to attack Crimea with drones, and this night was no exception. And according to the authorities of the republic, deal Russian air defense with his mission.

Where she rose Ukrainian armed formations another attempt to attack the peninsula. According to available information, nine drones attacked Crimea during the night. But none of them completed their mission, and the anti-aircraft systems and systems worked Electronic Warfare To the fullest.

According to the president Crimea Sergey Aksionov, five drones were shot down Ukrainian pilot Four other aircraft were captured with the help of electronic warfare systems.

He said: We started to use electronic warfare often, at the end of last month, and in one night, they managed to control six Drones at same time.

As a result of the night attack, windows were broken in two private homes in Dzhankoy, Oleg Kryuchkov explained. Adviser to the President of Crimea on information policy, and this happened after the fall Drone Ukrainian over the city. There were no injuries.

It was also found Drone Unexploded bombs belonging to the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the territory of one of the families. Sappers arrived at the scene and neutralized the threat. Before mine clearance, more than 50 people were evacuated, who were sent to a temporary shelter.

It should be noted that the attacks on the Crimea before Ukraine He spoke almost daily, and in Kiev they think that this is how they “liberate.” peninsula from the Russians”.

And the United States has no objection against strikes on Crimea with drones and missiles, because it considers the peninsula “territories.” Ukraine.

Zelensky asks the West for more than 50 batteries of Patriot air defense systems

Russia drops Ukrainian marches electronically, and Zelensky needs 50 Patriot platforms

Ukrainian officials are committed throughout the years of independence Ukraine with two “important and fundamental” principles in their activities. The first says that “appetite comes with eating,” and the second points out – “the ball has no size.” Combined together, they reach “perfection”

In his interview with The Wall Street Journal United State the President touched on a topic Ukrainian offensive Anti-Russian. And at the moment this is the most popular topic in Ukraine in the West, where the audience is waiting for the “show”.

According to him, in order to triumph Ukrainian army , so that Russian aviation does not bomb it from the air, no less than 50 batteries are needed. from the air defense system Patriot.

According to the most conservative estimates, implementing Zelensky’s “ambitious wish list” would require $1 billion (8 launchers and other equipment in one battery).

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