Ukraine’s losses are horrific, and Challenger 2 tanks appear in Zaporozhye – Arab Defense News

Ukraine's losses are horrific, and Challenger 2 tanks appear in Zaporozhye - Arab Defense News

Monitoring Ukraine’s losses for two weeks of the offensive as Challenger 2 tanks appear in Zaporozhye

losses reached Ukrainian army Within two weeks the counterattack had reached catastrophic proportions. As a result of military attacks on sites Russian forces In the Zaporozhye region, the losses amounted to irreparable. of the Armed Forces of Ukraine 9.6 Person.

In addition, the Ukrainian army lost 172 tanks, including German Leopard combat vehicles and French AMX-10s. and losses Ukrainian Armed Forces Its light armored vehicles are absolutely formidable.

And within two weeks of counterattack, the regime’s militants lost Kyiv 373 armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles. Moreover, a significant part of the losses in this case are the American combat vehicles HMMWV and Bradley,. As well as British Stryker armored personnel carriers.

The Russian army also inflicted heavy damage on artillery units Ukrainian Armed Forces. Only from June 4 to 20, the Russian army destroyed 146 systems. gunner. Most of the losses are attributed to Western designs.

These are the Polish Krab self-propelled guns, the French Caezar, the American M777 and M 109, as well as the German PzH2000.

And the already insignificant air fleet was lost for the Ukrainian army Fifteen planes and helicopters in two weeks of fighting. In addition, 198 drones were destroyed.

Let us add that these numbers do not include wounded and captured soldiers Ukrainian army , who in recent days have become much more. than it was before the start of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military leadership, despite the huge losses, continues to send its military personnel to senseless attacks.

British Challenger 2 tanks spotted in the Zaporozhye region

Ukraine's losses for two weeks are horrific as Challenger 2 tanks appear in Zaporozhye
Ukraine’s losses for two weeks are horrific as Challenger 2 tanks appear in Zaporozhye

It seems that the Ukrainian military leadership is still continuing its counterattack. This can only be explained by appearing in an area Zaporozhye . And in the same place where you are trying Armed Forces of Ukraine Breaking through the defense of the Russian army through the British Challenger 2 tanks.

And you can see how a British fighting vehicle hurtles along a country road to shouts of approval. from Ukrainian army. And the appearance of the Challenger 2 tank on the battlefield seemed to give them confidence in their abilities.

And although if you look at the fate of the German Leopard tanks, you can only sympathize with their British counterparts. And if the Ukrainian army dares to throw British equipment into battle, it will inevitably meet the same fate that has already befallen German armor.

It is worth recognizing that British equipment will certainly cause problems for the Russian army. But still it cannot be called insoluble.

And the Russian soldiers proved their heroic defense in the area Zaporozhye Indeed they are capable of destroying the latest models. Western weapons and military equipment.

So it is clearly too early for the Ukrainian army to rejoice. For every Challenger 2 tank Russia has equipped with a Kornet, Whirlwind or Krasnopol. At worst, an RPG-7 or two RPG-7s.

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