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خسائر أوكرانيا أكثر مما كان يُعتقد ليلة 8 يونيو

Ukraine’s losses are more than thought on the night of 8 June

Western newspapers dealt with Ukrainian losses Huge after the start of the Ukrainian counter-attack. Forbes magazine said that the attempt by Ukrainian forces to cross a Russian minefield in southern Ukraine on June 8 was “more disastrous than first thought”.

The magazine reported that analysts recently counted more combat vehicles Ukrainian Broken and abandoned.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, a Ukrainian photographer got close enough to the site of the failed attack to take pictures of the Russian minefield. which surrounded the Ukrainian battle group, and eventually destroyed dozens of the best Western-made vehicles. to the 47th and 33rd brigades, which led to the killing and wounding of many Ukrainians, according to the same source.

And “Forbes” stated that the incident began when Ukrainian forces tried to cross minefield South of Mala Tokmachka village. In the Zaporizhia region of southern Ukraine, in order to bypass the “Russian force” in the town of “Robotyn”.

Break through the Russian lines

Ukraine's losses are more than thought on the night of 8 June
Ukraine’s losses are more than thought on the night of 8 June

And if the attack succeeded, it was Ukrainian forces You will be able to penetrate the Russian lines and advance on the Tokmak, which will enable them. From entering Melitopol. The liberation of the latter would have cut off half of the Russian forces in southern Ukraine.

But that did not happen, according to Forbes, which revealed that Western demining vehicles made mistakes in some fields. resulting in a trap Ukrainian items in the midst of flames.

And she continued, “To outside observers, the losses initially seemed lighter. But later, analysts examined clips video . Drones and footage from the ground to count the losses.”

She added that the incident left a number of dead and wounded, in addition to the destruction of a number of combat vehicles, “more than what was initially thought.”

The source highlighted that United State It pledged to immediately provide “a sufficient number” of wrecked combat vehicles to replace the losses of 8 June.

He pointed out that the “disaster” slowed down a little, but did not stop the Ukrainian counterattack, explaining that the arrival of the Ukrainian photographer. to a site minefield It indicates some progress made by the Kiev forces south of Mala Tokmachka.






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