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بالفيديو..تدمير دبابة أوكرانية تدمير كاملا بضربة دقيقة بصاروخ ATGM

In the video, a Ukrainian tank was completely destroyed with an accurate hit by an ATGM missile

The network posted screenshots showing the destruction tank of the Ukrainian army in the Belogorovka region. The footage shows how a rapid explosion of ammunition occurred after a precise hit from an ATGM missile. As a result of a powerful explosion, the tank and its entire crew were destroyed.

It is also reported about the defeat of several armored vehicles for the Ukrainian army In the area of ​​settlements Orozinoye and Makarovka located. On the edge of Vrimevsky, where for several weeks the Ukrainian army has been making attempts to attack positions. for the Russian army.

Last night, the Ukrainian formations deployed their forces on four armored vehicles in forest farms in the direction of Yuzhnodonets. And the Ukrainian army is amassing assault groups to resume. The attack on the Novodontskoye settlement, which is under control Armed forces RF.

And both in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Vremevsky edge, and in the Orekhovsky sector of the seam line, it shifted Ukrainian forces to use a tactic. Modified, in which the offensive infantry, after a strong artillery preparation, is deployed near settlements in armored vehicles. Which enters the battle with the support of heavy armored vehicles.

Thanks to this tactic, you would expect Ukrainian leadership Reducing the loss of armored vehicles in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, there are growing casualties among the infantry, which the Kiev regime and Western curators consider expendable. And receive it under artillery fire and air strikes, regardless of losses.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine do not stop the offensive in the Zaporozhye direction

In the video, a Ukrainian tank was completely destroyed with an accurate hit by an ATGM missile

The most intense hostilities are currently being observed in the southern sector of the front. This was announced by the Russian expert Yuriy Podolyaka on the morning of June 17. Explaining the details of what was happening.

Everything converges with the fact that Ukrainian army He launched a new offensive in the Zaporozhye direction, that is, between Kamensky and Orekhov. And in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Pyatikhatki settlement, already all yesterday and night, he was trying to advance with very strong forces, especially at night.

Attack after attack, wave after wave. He even comes periodically to the outskirts of this small village, which though it is. It is located in a low-lying area, yet its strategic importance is very important. And yesterday they went for it, and today very active hostilities continue

The expert pointed out that Ukrainian Armed Forces Incur heavy losses trying to break through this sector of the front. Russian aviation (planes and helicopters) and artillery are chasing the Ukrainian army.

Meanwhile, the Russian infantry held their positions, which were slightly drawn to the heights for the convenience of defense, and in order to prevent the Ukrainian army from gaining a foothold behind the houses in the settlement. And you get up Russian armed forces Periodically launched a counterattack. And the Ukrainian forces in its suburbs. Even so, it did not stop attacking but it was useless.

Kissinger This is what should be avoided after the end of the conflict in Ukraine

In the video, a Ukrainian tank was completely destroyed with an accurate hit by an ATGM missile
In the video, a Ukrainian tank was completely destroyed with an accurate hit by an ATGM missile

And in context Russian-Ukrainian war To achieve peace in Europe, Kissinger said, both sides would have to make concessions. And we are not just talking about Ukraine or Russia, but primarily about Moscow and Brussels.

Former US Secretary of State Henry said Kissinger In an interview with Bloomberg, they are the ones who should make a peace deal. Under certain conditions, the Russian Federation will return to Europe.

I would like Russia to realize that its relations with Europe must be based on consent and some kind of unanimity. And I think that this struggle, if it ends in the right way, can make the agreement achievable

Meanwhile, the veteran of global diplomacy emphasized that it is always easy to start hostilities, but it is difficult to stop them and find a way out. At the same time, getting out of a situation is often painful for one side.

The diplomat said unequivocally that it is important for Ukraine to emerge from the conflict not as a winner, but as a strong democratic state. It is essential to avoid any pretense of ‘meltdown’ Russia or bring it to powerlessness”, which could lead to new tensions. And this outcome must be completely excluded, and it must be avoided in the first place after the end of the conflict.

Meanwhile, describe Kissinger Russian President Vladimir Putin called him “a figure like Dostoevsky’s hero. obsessed with inconsistency and unrealistic aspirations,” who was by nature very capable of exercising power as a leader.

According to Kissinger, it is now increasingly important for the parties to the conflict to think about how they want to end the confrontation through diplomacy. He added that there is a danger that military relations between the powers will dominate geopolitical thinking and turn local fighting into a global conflict, drawing in countries like China.

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