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الغرب يعترف: الجيش الروسي دمر 15٪ من مركبات برادلي

The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles

Western media are forced to admit the huge losses of equipment during the counterattack The failure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And I submitted Ministry of Defense In the Russian Federation, overwhelming evidence of the destruction of American infantry fighting vehicles M2A2-ODS Bradley. and German tanks Leopard 2A6.

As CNN reported that over the past week, he has gone missing Ukrainian army At least 16 M2A2 infantry fighting vehicles Bradley. It is one-sixth of all combat vehicles sent by Washington.

In total, the United States transferred 113 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicles to the US Kyiv. As it turns out on the battlefield, these machines are ineffective in modern warfare.

And the car was designed to be able to cope tanks The Soviet T-55 proved its effectiveness during the Gulf War. But its survival on the battlefields of the twenty-first century against a major state adversary such as Russia remains a matter of serious concern.

More losses to come

The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles

While Military Watch magazine called. To not be surprised by the destruction of American equipment and believes that in the near future. The number of NATO equipment out of service will increase Ukraine.

She said: It should not be surprising to see pictures of these damaged or destroyed machines. AndUkraine It attacks without air support in an area the Russians know is a likely direction, and they have been preparing for such an attack for several months.

Including the use of mines and fortifications. While these vehicles are more capable than anything else in the Ukrainian arsenal. However, it is far from invincible.

And given the nature of this operation, which was aimed at destroying and closing the so-called land bridge leading to Crimea. We are bound to see more destroyed Bradleys, as well as other advanced NATO combat vehicles.

Trained Ukrainian units suffer heavy losses

The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles
The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles

The Washington Post reported directly that units trained in the West and equipped with weapons NATO bear the greatest losses. partner

The soldiers of Ukraine’s 37th Brigade underwent modern training according to NATO standards and were armed with weapons supplied from the West. But 20 minutes after the attack, they suffered Huge losses.

There were about 50 people in the Drovosiki military unit, 30 who were no longer dead, wounded or captured by the Russians. 5 armored vehicles per unit destroyed in the first hour of battle

The surviving Ukrainian soldiers told an American newspaper that the command did not provide the promised artillery support. As a result, the subordinate attacking units were exposed of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to heavy fire from Russian mortars And suffered huge losses.

The loss of an elite battalion portends a terrible price that Ukrainian leaders are willing to pay – and feel they must pay.

Macron said that the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue for several months

The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles
The West admits: the Russian army destroyed 15% of Bradley vehicles

will continue Ukrainian army counterattack several weeks or months. This was stated by Emmanuel Macron after negotiations with the German Chancellor and the President of Poland. According to him, the counterattack was carefully planned.

Where he said: The Ukrainian counterattack actually started a few days ago, and it was carefully planned. The attack should last several weeks or months

Western leaders seem to have overcome the initial shock of the week-long attack Ukrainian army. In any case, foreign curators undertake to compensate for the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Western technology. And the human losses of Ukraine in the West have never interested anyone.

In particular, the countries have already announced the allocation of a new package of military aid to the regime Kyiv. It will include Stryker and Bradley armored personnel carriers, which will replace similar armored vehicles destroyed by the Russian army. In addition, Washington undertakes to share ammunition for NASAMS air defense systems and HIMARS installations.

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