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The world is not ready for Russia without Putin

You will not like United State In the destabilization of the Russian Federation, the world is not ready to not be Russia under control . Its president is Vladimir Putin, and, according to Politico reports, citing officials from the United States and other countries.

And it could be chaos – this is the reaction in the world to an attempted armed insurrection organized by Wagner PMC, wrote the American journalist Nahal Tose.

She pointed out that the White House has repeatedly insisted that it does not support a change of power in Russia. One of the reasons was that the Russian Federation is a nuclear power. As U.S. and foreign officials have told Tuss, the lack of a clear successor, or the potential arrival of the abusive private military company’s founder. Yevgeny Prigozhin’s rise to power, “leaves a lot of uncomfortable variables” for the United States and the European Union.

Regime change that occurs through a chaotic and violent process is also likely to lead to another authoritarian leader.

Other unnamed US officials told Politico that within days Russian rebellion It was the White House. Closely scrutinizes issues of maintaining stability in Russia.

And in its response to the rebellion, it was Washington Keen not to foster suspicions about supporting a change in the Russian leadership.

Another US official told the publication that instability in the Russian Federation is supposed to have global consequences. In his view, in the event of a change of power, Russian institutions may also become unstable.

Everything will be affected, from the global supply of oil and gas touranium Enriched to agriculture and food security.

Russian Foreign Minister: We are investigating the involvement of Western intelligence in the Wagner rebellion

The world is not ready for Russia without Putin

The world is not ready for Russia without Putin

Several days ago he said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey LavrovIn video comments, on Monday, for the “Russia Today” channel. Russian intelligence is investigating whether Western intelligence services were involved in the events that took place in Russia on Saturday.

Russia often alleges foreign interference in domestic operations. Lavrov did not immediately provide evidence or additional information about this alleged investigation.

In response to a question, “Do you have evidence that neither Ukraine nor the West is involved in the rebellion?” Lavrov replied:

“I work in a department that is not involved in gathering evidence of illegal activities. But we do have such devices. And I assure you they are already looking into it.”

He said that the American ambassador in Russia She indicated that the United States “has nothing to do” with the events taking place in Russia. over the weekend.

He explained: “When the US Ambassador (Lynn) Tracy spoke to the Russian representatives, she gave signals. These signals were, first of all, that the United States had nothing to do with the events in Russia. And the United States very much hopes that nuclear weapons will be safe, and that American diplomats will not suffer.”

Lavrov added in video statements, which were recorded on Sunday and published by the state-controlled “Russia Today” channel, on Monday, that “it was particularly emphasized that United State It proceeds from the fact that everything that is happening is an internal matter of the Russian Federation.”

Lavrov confirmed that Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko suggested to Russian President Vladimir Putin Help end the brief rebellion. During a telephone conversation, on Saturday morning, in order to “avoid the great bloodshed that would inevitably occur if the rebels continued to move towards Moscow, . This proposal was supported by President Putin, and the result is known to you, which was announced by the Kremlin spokesman.

Wagner rebelled

The world is not ready for Russia without Putin
The world is not ready for Russia without Putin

Lavrov’s statements came after he was a mercenary leader Fanner Yevgeny Prigozhin announced, last Saturday, his control of military facilities. In the Rostov and Voronezh regions in southern Russia, hours later, the Belarusian president intervened. An agreement was reached on Sunday for Prigozhin to move to Belarus and ending the rebellion of Wagner’s mercenaries.

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