The UAE is moving away from the joint naval forces partnership led by America – Arab Defense News

الإمارات العربية تبتعد عن شراكة القوات البحرية المشتركة بقيادة أمريكا

The UAE is moving away from the partnership of the joint naval forces led by America

According to the information you posted UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs State taken Arab Emirates decided to withdraw its participation. in CMF as part of its ongoing evaluation of effective security cooperation with all partners.

This decision may affect the US-Emirati military relations, which currently include the presence of three US military bases in the UAE Afor emirates:

Al Dhafra Air Base Al-Minhad Air Base and Fujairah Naval Base. A large military hospital is also being built, symbolizing a deep-rooted military partnership between the two countries.

However, relations between the two countries witnessed tensions due to the interaction The UAE with China. And in 2021, the UAE signed a $23 billion arms deal with the United States.

Despite this, concerns were raised about the relationships The UAE With China and potential risks to US military technology.The United States has made a series of demands, including a security guarantee US military technology .

Maintaining Israel’s military superiority, and limiting the use of weapons acquired in conflict areas such as Yemen and Libya. They also requested that the Chinese company Huawei Technologies be removed from the communications network in the UAE.

The UAE responds in its own way to the American demands

The UAE is moving away from the partnership of the joint naval forces led by America

In response to these demands, she suspended The UAE Discussions about the arms deal and opened talks with China on military equipment.

In addition, it is practiced United State pressure on the UAE, along with Egypt, to address the presence of the Russian Wagner Group. In Libya and Sudan, after the expansion of US sanctions against the Russian group for its role in Ukrainian conflict.

It was the Combined Maritime Forces, which graduated from the state The United Arab Emirates An important force in maintaining the international system. Rules-Based (RBIO), with a special focus on combating illegal maritime activities.

It is famous for its operations against drugs smuggling and piracy and strengthening regional partnerships. The CMF has played an essential role in enhancing maritime security and ensuring the smooth flow of trade in key maritime areas.

Primarily through the collective efforts of the 38 Member States. Still influence state decision Arab Emirates United States on CMF operations and relations between United State And the United Arab Emirates is not fully understood.

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