Israel refuses to send “Iron Dome” to Kiev for fear of Iran – Arab Defense News

إسرائيل ترفض إرسال "القبة الحديدية" إلى كييف خوفا من إيران

Israel refuses to send Iron Dome to Kiev for fear of Iran

Kiev repeatedly demanded Israel By providing it with the Iron Dome air defense system, but Israel refused to supply Kiev with the system. And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel could not allow to the United States to move the Iron Dome system to Kiev, because it fears it could fall into the hands of Iran.

Netanyahu said in an interview with the American Wall Street Journal, “If this regime falls into the hands of… Iran, . Millions of Israelis will remain defenseless and in danger.”

Netanyahu rejected calls by some Washington lawmakers and Ukrainian officials to join Western efforts to arm Ukraine. He said he had expressed to Moscow his concerns about Moscow’s growing military relations with Iran.

He said that Israel did not provide Ukraine with air defense systems similar to “The new domeFearing that these regimes will fall into the hands of the Iranians. , and to be “reverse engineered,” and Israel would find itself confronting its own systems on the battlefield.

Netanyahu had revealed earlier that Western weapons had appeared on Israel’s borders, leaked from ukraine, Pointing. This confirms the correctness of Tel Aviv’s decision not to be drawn into the Ukraine conflict.

Washington buys the system

Israel refuses to send "Iron Dome" To Kyiv for fear of Iran
Israel refuses to send Iron Dome to Kiev for fear of Iran

And in February of 2019 it was announced U.S. military announced plans to purchase and test Israel’s Iron Dome system.

The United States has already provided significant support for the development and production of the system, and some of its components have already come from American companies.

In a statement in this regard, he said Israeli army The purchase was made due to the “immediate needs” of the US military.

“Although Iron Dome has been in operational use before Israeli Air Force. Since 2011 it will be evaluated and tested.”

It is noteworthy that this system, which required billions of dollars to develop, is facing criticism because of its exorbitant cost.

But despite the great cost, leaders said Israel In a report published by Reuters news agency in 2014, avoiding missile damage. Thanks to Iron Dome, it eases domestic pressure to escalate the air assault on Gaza into a ground invasion.

Israeli officials warned in 2014 of what they called “tourism.” Iron DomeThat is, the reassurance of the Israelis. to the performance of the system, which makes them continue to intercept missiles instead of searching for safe shelters.

Jeffrey White, a defense expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Studies, told the BBC: “Don’t act Iron Dome . A strategic shift, it gives Israel some important advantages in dealing with Rocket missiles, . This reduces the rates of deaths, injuries, and destruction, and provides flexibility in dealing with attacks. It also helps to undermine the enemy’s goals, but it does not end the threats.”

Iron Dome

Israel refuses to send "Iron Dome" To Kyiv for fear of Iran
Israel refuses to send Iron Dome to Kiev for fear of Iran

A mobile missile air defense system developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and intended to intercept rockets . Short range artillery shells. In February 2007, he chose Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz Iron Dome System. As a defensive solution to remove the threat of short-range missiles from Israel. Since then, the development of the system, which cost $210 million, began. In cooperation with the army Israeli defense It entered service in the middle of 2011.

the system

The system is designed to repel short-range rockets and 155 mm artillery shells, which have a range of up to 70 km. Conditions The system includes a device radar A tracking system and a battery of 20 interceptor missiles. Under the name (TAMIR), Israel has started spreading this system around the Gaza Strip, and it entered into operation in the second half of 2010.

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