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أوكرانيا تطلب صواريخ كروز  Taurus الألمانية لضرب موسكو

Ukraine requests German Taurus long-range cruise missiles to hit Moscow

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported, citing sources, that Kyiv I asked from Berlin. Officially supplied with Taurus long-range cruise missiles capable of hitting Moscow.

Earlier, a German member of parliament, Roderich Kiswetter, called on his country’s government to provide Ukraine Taurus cruise missiles.

The newspaper said in its article: “President Vladimir Zelensky has already spoken about the issue of delivering long-range missiles to his country. During the meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin in early May.

Although the advisor’s spokesman did not want to comment on the matter, however German Federal Ministry of Defense Confirm that Ukraine. It actually asked to provide it with Taurus missiles.”

The newspaper points out that this rockets It can be installed on F-16 fighters, which are waiting Ukraine Receiving them from the West. But since the Taurus missiles are long-range, Berlin must take a very serious and important decision.

The newspaper added: “Not everyone believes that Ukraine You will wisely use a weapon like Taurus. This German winged missile can fly a distance of 500 km, which makes it capable of hitting Moscow. If it was launched from the Ukrainian border with Russia.

Therefore, some fear that in case of urgent need, Kiev may arrange an uncontrolled escalation of the war.


Ukraine requests German Taurus cruise missiles to hit Moscow
Ukraine requests German Taurus cruise missiles to hit Moscow or,and,then,because,as,where,maybe

Taurus KEPD 350 It is a Swedish-German air-launched cruise missile, manufactured by Taurus Systems. And you use it Germany Spain and South Korea.

The missile incorporates stealth technology and has an official range of more than 500 kilometers (300 miles). The Taurus is powered by a turboprop at Mach 0.95 and can be carried by aircraft Tornado The Eurofighter Typhoon and the F/A-18 and F-15K.

It features a twin warhead that weighs 500 kilograms (1,100 lb) and weighs The missile about 1,400 kg (3,100 lbs). Its maximum body diameter is 1 meter (3.3 ft).

The intended targets are bunkers; command, control and communications facilities; airport and port facilities; AMS and ammunition storage; ships in port or at sea; Target area and bridges.


Ukraine requests German Taurus cruise missiles to hit Moscow

KEPD 350

The ROKAF variant differs from the base model by being fitted with a Rockwell Collins GPS receiver. With Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) to prevent jamming.

KEPD 350K-2

In October 2015, Taurus Systems revealed that it was developing a smaller version of the rocket Taurus. It is called the 350K-2, for use on light fighters, especially the South Korean FA-50.

The range will drop to 400 km (250 miles) and the cruise speed will be from Mach 0.6 to 0.9.

And in December 2016, the defense acquisition program management at South Korea (DAPA) that it plans to start developing a surface-to-surface missile. own long-range launch in 2018, based on the Taurus cruise missile.


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