This Cosmic Timekeeping Method Proposes to Synchronize All Clocks on Earth

Modern technology pulses with a heartbeat measured in microseconds. From global positioning systems to communications networks, it’s vital every component falls into near-perfect synch. Based on standards determined by a specialized task group, signals sent through optic fiber or down from an orbiting satellite tends to ensure time-sensitive technology matches moments down to the nanosecond. … Read more

Vast, City-Sized Lake Discovered Miles Below The Antarctic Ice Sheet

The Antarctic ice is finding its secrets harder and harder to keep. Deep below the ice of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, the largest ice sheet in the world, scientists have confirmed the existence of a huge lake of liquid water. Researchers have named it Lake Snow Eagle, and believe that sediments within it could … Read more

Volcanoes, diamonds, and blobs: a billion-year history of Ea…

(MENAFN– The Conversation) Deep in the Earth beneath us binds two blobs the size of continents. One is under Africa, the other under the Pacific Ocean. The blobs have their roots 2,900km below the surface, almost halfway to the center of the Earth. They are thought to be the birthplace of rising columns of hot … Read more