Izdelie 80, Russia’s stealth bomber is in its final development stage

Izdelie 80 ، القاذفة الشبحية الروسية في مرحلة التطوير النهائية

British authorities have announced that the Tupolev Design Bureau has reached the final stages of development of the PAK-DA grenade launcher, also called the Izdelie 80 (or “Product 80”).

British Secretary of State for the Armed Forces, James Heppey, said that the PAK-DA prototype may be almost complete.

From Hebe’s words, it can be concluded that Russia will receive its first PAK-DA in the next few years, no later than the end of 2025.

The presence of the PAK-DA stealth bomber will replace the position of the Tu-22M3 and Tu-160M ​​folding-wing strategic bombers.

It is not known with certainty the characteristics of the PAK-DA. However, it is estimated that the bomber that adopts the flying wing design will have subsonic speeds and a range of up to 15,000 km.

The main advantage of the PAK-DA is its stealth ability, so it has a low radar cross-section, making it difficult for enemy radar systems to detect its presence.

This will allow the PAK-DA to penetrate deep into enemy territory and deliver its payload with minimal risk of detection or interception.

In addition to its stealth capabilities, the PAK-DA weapon system is also expected to be highly advanced in terms of aiming and targeting capabilities.

The bomber will likely be equipped with advanced sensors and targeting systems, allowing it to accurately deliver its weapons to its intended target.

The PAK-DA is expected to have a payload capacity of 30 tons, which is comparable to other modern bombers such as the American B-2 Spirit and the Chinese H-20.

However, the exact payload capacity of the PAK-DA is still confidential and may vary depending on mission needs.

PAK-DA launchers will be equipped with a variety of weapon systems, including conventional and nuclear weapons.

The exact capabilities of this weapon system are not yet known, and it is likely to be similar to other Russian strategic bombers such as air-to-surface missiles, various bombs, and possibly even hypersonic weapons.

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