Are These Tangle-Free USB Cables Worth It?

As long as there have been cables, there has been tangling. There’s nothing worse than reaching into your pocket or bag to grab your charging cable for your soon-t0-be-dead smartphone, only to waste time, energy, and sanity untangling the many knots like a chump. Well, chump no more: Cable-makers are starting to wisen up, offering … Read more

Logitech MX Mechanical Mini review: a sensible keyboard for sensible people

If last year’s Logitech Pop Keys wireless mechanical keyboard was all style and no substance, then Logitech’s newly announced MX Mechanical keyboards are the polar opposite. These are aggressively functional keyboards with sensible feature sets, sensible designs, and sensible layouts. That can make the $169.99 MX Mechanical and $149.99 MX Mechanical Mini seem like outliers … Read more

New micro-sized artificial cilia system may power diagnostic devices in future

Study provides new understanding of how memory works when the brain sees a familiar face

Cilia are the body’s diligent ushers. These microscopic hairs, which move fluid by rhythmic beating, are responsible for pushing cerebrospinal fluid in your brain, clearing the phlegm and dirt from your lungs, and keeping other organs and tissues clean. A technical marvel, cilia have proved difficult to reproduce in engineering applications, especially at the microscale. … Read more

Diablo Immortal Won’t Launch In Countries That Have Outlawed Loot Boxes

Blizzard won’t launch Diablo Immortal on mobile or PC in Belgium or the Netherlands, citing “the current operating conditions in these countries.” The story was first reported by Dutch site Tweakers, who confirmed with the comms manager of Activision-Blizzard Benelux that the game would not launch locally. The comms manager Tweakers spoke to would not … Read more

Apple’s Purported Plan To Make A USB-C iPhone Has Much Bigger Ramifications Than Sheer Convenience

Apple’s then-SVP of Product Marketing Phil Schiller introduced the Lightning connector at the iPhone … [+] 5 revealed in September 2012. Google Images It’s a tale as old as time: Each and every year, the current year’s crop of new iPhones are still months away from reveal and release, yet the rumor mill’s insatiable appetite … Read more