An Iraqi suicide drone attack on a Turkish army camp

An Iraqi group claimed responsibility for an attack with suicide drones on a Turkish army camp in Dohuk Governorate, 24 km deep inside the Iraqi border.

This comes only two days after the Zakho attack, which left 9 dead and 22 injured among Iraqi tourists, and the Iraqi government accuses the Turkish army of carrying it out, while the latter denies this.

The drones used in the attack are a copy derived from the Iranian-made “Ababil 2” drones, which have a range of 100 km, a flight time of 75 to 120 minutes, a flight ceiling height of 11,000 feet, and a maximum speed of 250 km / h, directed via GPS devices, and have a charge. Small explosive estimated at 30 kg.

This attack comes after another attack carried out by a different group with three 122 mm rockets directed at Zilkan camp in Bashiqa district of Nineveh Governorate, in which Turkish army forces are present. One of the rockets fell near the camp, while the other two fell on the outskirts of the village of Godad, without injuries.

The missile launch site and platforms were found with two missiles that failed to launch near the “Hima City” complex in the city of Mosul.

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