Federal Court rules on missing conwoman Melissa Caddick’s Dover Heights home

A major decision has been handed down in relation to missing conwoman Melissa Caddick’s $15 million Sydney mansion, as her husband fights to keep it.

Missing conwife Melissa Caddick’s husband has been told he will need to vacate his late wife’s multimillion-dollar home in a matter of weeks as liquidators seek to pay back some of his wife’s stolen millions.

Federal Court Justice Brigitte Markovic on Tuesday ruled Anthony Koletti, who married the fraudster in 2013, must vacate the $15 million Dover Heights mansion on or before May 18.

“Anthony Koletti is to be granted liberty to apply on two days’ written notice in respect of any dispute regarding the removal of personal property items from the Dover Heights property,” Justice Markovic said.

The home will be sold as Ms Caddick’s extensive assets continue to be seized by the Australian Investment and Securities Commission (ASIC) to pay back some of the $23 million she stole from investors in her Ponzi scheme.

Mr Koletti isn’t accused of any wrongdoing in relation to his wife’s criminal activities or disappearance.

Ms Caddick disappeared the day after ASIC and the NSW Police raided her Dover Heights home in November 2020.

The corporate watchdog says Ms Caddick misappropriated investor money to fund her lavish lifestyle, with investigators seizing luxury items including jewellery, watches, designer clothing and shoes.

ASIC claims Ms Caddick stole from investors in an elaborate Ponzi scheme between 2012 and 2020. It claims she posed as a financial Adviser and pretended to invest millions of dollars for clients into fake CommSec portfolios but instead spent the money on herself.

The watchdog has discovered 74 investors, many of whom were her friends and family, were fleeced by Ms Caddick of $23m.

The Federal Court’s ruling comes just two weeks after Mr Koletti submitted a statement demanding to be given his missing wife’s fine art collection, diamond jewelery and Gucci wedding dress.

In the statement submitted to the court, Mr Koletti claims his financial contribution to the household along with his wife between 2017-2020, such as performing duties as a homemaker and caring for his wife’s son, meant he was entitled to some of Ms Caddick’s assets .

He is seeking a cut from the sale of the $15-17 million Dover Heights house, the three-bedroom apartment in Edgecliff worth about $4 million, various luxury cars already sold for $360,000 and $7 million in shares.

Mr Koletti is also seeking full ownership of five paintings by Australian artist John Olsen, Ms Caddick’s Gucci wedding dress, several items of 18 carat gold jewelery including his own wedding band, a Louis Vuitton digital watch valued at almost $5,000 and a diamond ring worth $33,960 .

Ms Caddick bought the lavish Dover Heights mansion for $6.2m in 2014 using money misappropriated from clients.

The missing conwoman’s decomposed foot was found on a beach near Tathra on the NSW south coast more than three months after her disappearance, but the coroner is yet to rule on her death.

The Federal Court previously found that Ms Caddick operated her financial services company Maliver without holding an Australian Financial Services licence.

The matter will return to the Federal Court for hearing in September.

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