Amber Heard Johnny Depp trial: Drew Barrymore apologises for joking about trial on her talk show

Drew Barrymore has issued a public apology after making light of the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on her talk show.

Drew Barrymore is offering her apologies for making jokes about the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial.

“It has come to my attention that I have offended people with making light of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, and for that, I just want to deeply apologise,” the daytime talk show host, 47, said in a video shared to her Instagram On Sunday, FoxNews reports.

“I can be a more thoughtful and better person moving forward because all I want to do is be a good person,” she continued in the one-minute clip while iterating that she welcomed the criticism from many on social media as “this can be a teachable moment for me and how I move forward and how I conduct myself”.

“I very much appreciate the depth of this and I will grow and change from it … And I thank everyone for helping me grow along the way and teaching me,” Barrymore added. “Thank you.”

It was Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show that the Charlie’s Angels actress and actor Anthony Anderson were engaging in a time-filling back-and-forth about the viral trial.

“It’s, like, one layer of crazy – it’s a seven-layer dip of insanity,” Barrymore said of the details that have since come to light about Depp and Heard’s relationship and marriage.

“It’s truly amazing just to sit back and read the transcripts of what they’ve done to each other!” Anderson added.

“How about the burnt body? And why the Honda civic?,” Barrymore probed about a revealed text message that Depp, 58, sent to Isaac Baruch in 2016 – telling his friend of 42 years that Heard “ruined such a cool life we ​​had for a while” and that he hoped her “rotting corpse was decomposing in the f**ing trunk of a Honda Civic.”

“I know these are two people’s real lives and I know what it’s like to have your life put out in public. I understand all the feelings, but they are actually offering up this information,” Barrymore said of the trial, which she described as “fascinating” and even admitted to Anderson that she catches up on the trial at the end of every day to see what she missed.

Heard fired her crisis management and public relations team after a stream of “bad headlines” were published about her during the trial as Depp spent days on the witness stand.

“She doesn’t like bad headlines,” a source also told the New York Post.

Another insider told the outlet that the actress is “frustrated with her story not being told effectively”.

The actress is expected to take the stand in her own defense this week. Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million, claiming that Heard maligned him in a 2018 op-ed she wrote in The Washington Postin which she said she was a victim of domestic abuse.

While Heard did not specifically name the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, he believes the dates Heard used to reference the alleged abuse inconsequentially points the proverbial finger at Depp as the alleged perpetrator.

This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission


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