Kyle and Jackie O clash with Fresh & Fit Podcast hosts over ‘misogynistic’ claim

Jackie “O” Henderson has had a fiery on-air clash with a US podcasting duo over their “misogynistic and egotistical” dating claims.

A US podcasting duo have left hundreds furious after declaring women in serious relationships should not be on Instagram because it’s “a form of cheating”.

Myron Gaines and Walter Weekes, from the Fresh & Fit Podcastjoined Kyle and Jackie O this morning after a video detailing their controversial (and illogical) opinions went viral on TikTok.

The pair – who proclaim theirs is “The No. 1 Men’s Podcast in the World” – believe that men and women “are not equals” when it comes to the social media platform, and that while it’s okay for men to post what they want on Instagram, women in relationships shouldn’t have an account.

“If I am going to commit to you, give you a marriage, give you a title, give you a ring, give you children – I expect a certain type of woman,” Gaines said, claiming that women receive more attention from men when posting “scantily clad photos” of their bodies.

Because “women want attention and men want sex”, Gaines said females shouldn’t be “advertising themselves” because men will then grasp the opportunity if it’s presented to them.

Jackie – who was visibly shocked by Gaines’ statement – ​​was then told by him that it simply was an explanation of “how men view relationships”.

“You might not like it, it might hurt your feelings, you might say ‘I’m not a piece of property’ or whatever,” Gaines told the KIIS 106.5 host, “but with all due respect, f**k your feelings .”

The 47-year-old rightly called Gaines out on his “misogynistic and egotistical” attitude.

“You don’t own us in a relationship, so we can post whatever we want! If you have an insecurity, that’s with you,” she told him.

“I don’t care about your feelings either. You are actually misogynistic and egotistical, and it’s kind of a concern the way you view relationships like you have ownership of women.”

Ignoring Jackie, Gaines and Weekes continued to talk over her, saying she was “letting her feelings get in the way of basic logic”.

“A man is capable of having sex with other women while still loving their girl the same, so it’s not that big a deal, but if your woman is out here fielding options, that’s an issue,” they declared, doubling down on their previous claims.

Kyle ultimately brought an end to the heated discussion, disagreeing with the duo’s statements and telling them to grow up – before ending the call and labeling them “misogynistic toads”.

Feedback on the segment came thick and fast – with one irritated listener calling in to tell Kyle and Jackie that the podcasters were “pretty much saying that it is my responsibility to control men’s actions in my inbox”.

“I’m not accountable for what men do in my life, that’s their own business,” she added.

Listeners also took to the comments of the radio show’s Instagram – where they posted a clip of the segment – ​​calling Jackie’s response “brilliant”.

“Wow I hate this guy,” one wrote, in reference to Gaines, while another commented, “Loved the way you all dealt with this poor excuse for a man.”

“I feel sorry for the woman who will put up with this man,” wrote another, with a fourth woman writing: “Good on you Jackie. That guy was crazy & so out of touch. Not acceptable.”


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