Grand Final proposal from Peter V’Landys to make Super Bowl-like final

“I have been working with Peter [V’landys], and I understand his issues. But let’s be fair dinkum here, the grand final is not going to Queensland. No one wants the grand final in Queensland,” he said, adding that Queensland was “second rate” to NSW.

However, the Herald understands the NRL is considering a hybrid model which locks in grand finals in the two rugby league heartland cities – Sydney and Brisbane – for a certain number of grand finals during the next decade.

Queensland is willing to pay in excess of $10ma year for the grand final at the 52,000-seat Suncorp Stadium, with the NRL to also profit from ticket sales, merchandise and corporate events.

The remaining games will then be put up for auction, not excluding Sydney and Brisbane, and sold to the highest bidder.

That opens the door for a grand final to be played at Perth’s Optus Stadium (65,000), Auckland’s Eden Park (60,000 with temporary seating added), Adelaide Oval (53,500), Melbourne Cricket Ground (100,000) or even London’s Wembley Stadium (90,000) if the NRL was willing to follow the NFL’s path and introduce a two-week build-up to the final match of the season.

V’landys believes the NFL model, which will see the Super Bowl played in Arizona (2023), Las Vegas (2024) and New Orleans (2025), will add to the hype of grand final week.

“Naturally, we have to look at a Super Bowl-style situation where states get the chance to bid on it,” V’landys said.

“What people have to understand is that there are only two major national events in Australia with local content – the NRL and AFL grand finals. They add enormous value to a state’s economy. These aren’t handouts – it stimulates significant amounts of money for the local economy. If Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth or even Auckland host it, then NSW fans go there and spend a lot of money.

Fans cheer during the first half of Super Bowl LVI between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium in February.Credit:Getty

“For us, it’s a great promotion. It’s not just about the grand finale, it’s about the whole week. What the NFL do so well for Super Bowl is a whole series of events which they offer in the week leading up to it which generates such a great atmosphere. That is something that is in our thinking.”

Negotiations with the NRL and NSW government center around the funds that will be allocated to the investment in Sydney suburban grounds and training facilities.


“It’s being fair by the National Rugby League, it’s not just the New South Wales Rugby League in charge of the decision-making process,” Queensland rugby league legend Wally Lewis told Nine.

“If they are able to please all rugby league fans right around the country it would be fantastic. If they get the opportunity to do it the way they do in the United States, being in a different town every year, it’s certainly sharing the game around. They’re going to have to pay a top figure to make sure the game is based in their city.”

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