MAFS star Ella Ding slams Mitch Eynaud: ‘Worst guy I’ve dated’

MAFS bride Ella Ding has launched a scathing attack on her TV husband Mitch Eynaud, dubbing him “cold” and “the worst guy I’ve dated.”

Married At First Sight bride Ella Ding has slammed her ex TV husband Mitch Eynaud, dubbing him “the worst guy I’ve ever dated”.

The Melbourne beautician, who appeared hand-in-hand with Mitch during the finale reunion which aired late March, said she hasn’t seen the Gold Coast finance worker since that episode was filmed back in January.

After she previously revealed he “ghosted” her afterwards but stopped short of going into further detail, the 27-year-old has now launched a scathing attack on her ex-boyfriend.

“[Mitch] doesn’t believe in monogamous relationships. Mitchell is an enigma,” she said on The Handbags podcast.

Ella added: “I’ve dated a lot of men, and I am good at reading people. I have never met anyone like Mitchell. He is wired so differently.

“His first thing was, ‘I don’t really believe in marriage.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t I have a ring on and you read vows [to me]?’”

Revealing where things went pear-shaped for the couple – who broke up during final vows but rekindled their romance on the outside shortly after – Ella said photos of her hanging out with fellow groom Brent Vitiello at the beach on Valentine’s Day saw Mitch block her “ on every platform”.

However, it appeared the writing was already on the wall as the couple hadn’t seen each other in weeks.

“The article came out of Brent and I at the beach. Mitchell was waiting for one little thing for me to do wrong for him to just tap out,” Ella divulged.

“As soon as they came out, he showed a really ugly side.

“It was all about the way he looked. He knew I was at the beach [that day].”

Ella added she was frustrated she was matched with Mitch in the first place, saying she explicitly asked for a gentleman.

“I went on the show not to meet another f**kboy. They gave me that on a silver platter,” she said.

“If anything, Mitch has been the worst guy I’ve ever dated. The head f**kery … I’ve never experienced it before, and I’m still trying to figure it out.

“It felt like it was my role to make the energy in our little [MAFS] apartment positive every day.”

Ella is rumored to have moved on with Brent, though the pair have stopped short of confirming they’re a couple.

Meanwhile, there are reports Mitch is dating fellow bride Tamara Djordjevic, who also lives on the Gold Coast, though they are yet to address the rumours.

Tamara, 28, was accused of “trying to pick up” Mitch while they were both still ‘married’, which came to light at the reunion dinner party.

While Tamara denied this at the time, it’s since emerged the pair may have been having a secret affair during filming.

Fellow bride Carolina Santos, whose sneaky partner swap from Dion Giannarelli to Daniel Holmes appalled the MAFS experts, also said she’d heard the rumours, claiming it was “unfair” she and Daniel were vilified while Tamara and Mitch got away with it.

Jack Millar, who was paired with Domenica Calarco, said he’d heard the rumor too, but could not provide further detail.


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