Julia Haart reveals she had sex at the Trevi Fountain surrounded by tourists

Netflix star Julia Haart has revealed she once had sex surrounded by tourists at one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Julia Haart once had sex with a boyfriend at the Trevi Fountain in Rome — with lots of people around.

The scandalous star of Netflix series My Unorthodox Life recounts the bawdy tale in her just-released memoir, Brazenwriting that she went to see the famous Italian landmark with her British boyfriend, Lucas, while on a business trip in 2014.

“Throngs of people surround the fountain …,” she remembered. “Then I felt his hand reaching under my miniskirt, and before I knew what was happening, he was inside me! I had never been so shocked in my life … I tried to be quiet so as not to give us away. It was crazy.”

Haart writes that, after they both climaxed, “went down the skirt, and we looked at each other, delighted. It had been a mad, crazy thing to do.”

Previously, the Netflix star had spent decades deriving no sexual pleasure: As the now-50-year-old writes, her upbringing in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community left her woefully ignorant on the subject.

Haart married her first husband, Yosef Hendler, at the age of 19, having only been in his company a handful of times and without ever touching.

“Neither Yosef nor I knew what an orgasm meant…,” she writes. “I had my very first orgasm when I was in my thirties, and it was with a Rabbit vibrator and had nothing to do with my husband.”

The first few times the young couple attempted to have sex, it was a disaster. It wasn’t until a doctor told her about lubricant that she was able.

Haart doesn’t hold Hendler responsible at all, explaining that they were both “just doing what our teachers had told us … We both thought we had a duty, and that to do it any other way was to harm our children’s souls and their very lives.”

She eventually left her sheltered life in Monsey, NY, and moved to Manhattan to pursue her dreams of working in fashion — starting her own shoe line and becoming the creative director at La Perla.

The fashion designer writes of going to a glamorous party during her second Paris Fashion Week and meeting a “beautiful man” whom she chatted and drank with.

The mother of four says she woke up hours later, “feeling lost and woozy,” with fleeting memories of the man leading her to his bedroom and “then he was inside of me.” Haart blamed herself for drinking too much.

It wasn’t until months later, when talking to a friend, that she came to believe she had been slipped a date-rape drug. She writes that the terrible incident taught her a lesson.

“I started to trust my instincts and my inner voice,” she writes.

Haart’s book does not go into her second marriage to Silvio Scaglia, with whom she is embroiled in a nasty divorce battle. Page Six exclusively reported that she filed for divorce hours after she was fired as CEO at Elite World Group, the company they co-owned.

He is briefly mentioned toward the end of the book when she writes of Googling the chairman of Elite World Group before their first meeting and, upon discovering that he had bought a lingerie brand and modeling agency, pegging him as “a total player.”

She says that when they first met, she was nervous as “he looked so ominous sitting there, and I already thought he was an a**hole.”

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and is reproduced here with permission

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