ALDI introduces shopping baskets to its stores across Australia

Supermarket giant ALDI is making one huge change to the way things work in its Australian stores.

It’s finally introduced shopping baskets, so people who don’t like carrying things in their shopping bags or in trolleys can start celebrating.

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The significant change was announced on the supermarket’s Facebook page on Tuesday.

“Goodbye Octopus arms,” the message reads.

“We’re rolling out sneakers across all our stores, to help you with your weekly shop and dash in top-ups.”

In a statement to 7Lifestylean ALDI spokesperson said: “Customers that come into an ALDI store wanting ‘just one thing’, will know the feeling of wishing they had more hands.

“We recognize that these customers are looking for greater convenience when they visit our stores.

“That’s why we’re introducing shopping baskets across all our locations, so our customers can more efficiently load up on goodies while doing smaller grocery shops.”

The news filled ALDI shoppers with joy.

“Well there goes my Saturday juggling act!” one Facebook user said.

While many customers expressed their gratitude that baskets would finally be on offer, others asked the supermarket to bring in a smaller-sized trolley, too.

“Sounds great!” another wrote.

“Now could we please have some smaller trolleys?

“Short people have to fall into the trolley to get the stuff out at the checkout.”

Shoppers have welcomed the introduction of sneakers at ALDI. Credit: Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

“Very glad you now have shopping baskets but looking forward to the day you have smaller trolleys like the other supermarkets,” another said.

Others were just happy with the basket offering.

“These baskets are such a wonderful idea for the ALDI stores,” one person wrote.

“Honestly so helpful, especially with a pram!” another said.

“Great idea, for a few groceries the trolleys are too high for me, being vertically challenged,” a third wrote.

Others said baskets were perfect when you didn’t want to do a big food shop – but had more than one or two items.

Customers have complained about the size of ALDI shopping trolleys.
Customers have complained about the size of ALDI shopping trolleys. Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Some ALDI stores are also beginning to trial self-serve checkouts similar to those available at Coles and Woolworths.

That might prove to be a nice alternative, with some customers saying checkout workers often processed their items so quickly they had trouble getting them into their bags.

“Yay ​​about time, but could you please not go soo fast when scanning customers groceries, some of us can’t keep up,” one Facebook user joked.


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