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Now that the fifth and final season of The Last Kingdom has made its way onto Netflix, it’s on its last legs. Five seasons isn’t bad for a Netflix original these days, but it’s no consolation to the show’s devoted, battle-hardened fans.

Despite having a name that only a mother could adore, the iconic character played a significant role in England’s founding, leaving a powerful impression on British history and Netflix members alike.

When Netflix announced the cancellation of The Last Kingdom on April 30, 2021, it didn’t disclose a cause for the show’s cancellation after five seasons. Despite the fact that Netflix shows seldom last longer than five years, the show’s termination caught fans off guard, given how popular it is among longstanding watchers.

There was also a lot of concern about how the tale would be wrapped up after that declaration. Each season focuses on two of Cornwell’s books at a time — the final season was based on Warriors of the Storm and The Flame Bearer – but the source material has since added three more novels to the epic.

Thankfully, any concerns that Season 5 would try to jam in too many extra plots were unwarranted, since this final season concentrates solely on Books 9 and 10. Still, that leaves three more novels to read that have been overlooked by the show.

While we can guess about budgetary problems or a potential drop in viewership, The Last Kingdom’s cancellation was not unexpected by the cast or crew. That’s because season five was always supposed to be the final season.

The Last Kingdom is based on Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories novels and follows Uhtred of Bebbanburg, a warrior.

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“When we started shooting the show, there were ten books that Bernard Cornwell had written, and we had designed the program in a way that season five was always going to be the last season,” Alexander Dreymon said at MCM London Comic Con.

The Last Kingdom Season 6: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

But what about Uhtred’s rest of saga, as told in War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, and War Lord? To bring his narrative to a finish, Netflix has ordered a two-hour feature called Seven Kings Must Die, which will pick up after season five and conclude the series.

“”There was always one more tale that we wanted to tell,” producer Nigel Marchant remarked, despite the fact that season five brings the series to a close. We couldn’t resist one last voyage with Uhtred, thanks to Netflix’s fantastic support and the fans’ insatiable thirst for more.”

Surprisingly, if Marchant is to be believed, this final excursion will also operate as a standalone story. Seven Kings Must Die, which serves as a prequel to the show, will primarily function independently of the main plot, allowing novices to give it a shot.

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“In terms of season 5, we felt these two core threads of the tale were coming together and it was the right place to terminate the TV series,” Marchant said of the series cancellation and what’s next. We agreed at this choice as a group since there was a clear beginning, middle, and end to the five seasons.

The Last Kingdom Season 6: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

“However, we were aware that there would be a few more novels (not to give anything away!) following where we left off at the end of Season 5.” So we began talking about Netflix early on about if we could convey that final piece of the jigsaw puzzle to make it feel complete. And it was decided that the movie version would be the best platform for doing so.

“Season 5 seems like the series’ conclusion, and the film will be lot more solo.” It’ll be a special pleasure for fans of the TV show, but it’s also worth watching even if you’ve never seen it.”

Apart than that, not much is known about Seven Kings Must Die at the moment, but a lot of the secrecy stems from fears about spoilers for The Last Kingdom. Casting surprises will no longer be considered spoilery now that season five is accessible to binge on Netflix.

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The Last Kingdom Season 6: Release Date CONFIRMED or CANCELED!

Dreymon will reprise his role as the film’s ensemble leader, and he’ll be accompanied by a mix of new and returning cast members, according to Marchant. More information regarding who survives season five would be a spoiler for viewers who are still watching the final episodes, but be assured that this isn’t the last we’ll see of The Last Kingdom. At least not yet.

And who knows what might happen? Regardless of whether Cornwell creates a 14th novel or not, Netflix may opt to commission a sixth season if there is a sudden resurgence of interest in the picture. After all, this isn’t the first time a show has ventured beyond the confines of its original material to pastures unknown.

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