Motorcyclists gunning for share of Victorian government’s $3k electric vehicle subsidy

Motorcyclists have called on the Victorian government to expand its Zero Emissions Vehicle Subsidy program to include “electric two-wheelers”.

As part of a $100 million state government package, Victorian residents and businesses who purchased a new electric car for under $68,740 were eligible to receive a $3,000 subsidy.

But zero-emission motorcycles, buses, trucks, and hybrid vehicles, have not been included in the subsidy.

Damien Codognotto from the Motorcycle Riders Association (MRA) said the policy “discriminated against registered and insured electric two-wheelers”.

“But the way it is at the moment, they’ve just said, ‘No, you don’t exist’.”

Mr Codognotto argued that incentivising electric cars could worsen congestion in the city and the condition of rural roads.

“To put more cars and SUVs out there is not going to help the situation,” he said.

A short-range option

Ballarat-based motorcycle dealer Justin Mitchell said he wanted to see more support from the state government to increase sales of battery-operated two-wheelers.

A close-up of an electric motorbike.
Electric motorcycles have a range of about 100 kilometers.(ABC Ballarat: Steve Martin)

Mr Mitchell said electric motorcycles offered a cost-effective alternative to cars for trips within a 100-kilometre range.

“We need to support technologies that provide us with a better outcome for a sustainable future.”

Focus on car emissions

Solar Victoria (SV) is an arm of Victoria’s Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

SV chief executive officer Stan Krpan said the subsidies focused on cars because it was “where they have the most impact”.

But there could be room for electric motorcycles to be subsidized soon.

Mr Krpan added that there was “continuous policy development discussion around the remaining 13,600 subsidies”.

“We welcome input from interested parties as to where else they could be targeted,” he said.


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