How Jupiter and Neptune’s celestial alignment affects your star sign

It’s a one-in-166 year occurrence that “oozes optimism” but could also lead to hedonism and for people to get “lost in delusion”.

Not since 1856 have Jupiter and Neptune aligned in Pisces.

But before deep-diving into the meaning of this rare celestial meet up – and its miracle-bringing potential – first, let’s cover some astrology 101.

Jupiter and Neptune’s alignment – ​​here’s the math

Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one orbit around the Sun and, therefore, one revolution of the entire zodiac. Neptune moves slower than its gigantic cosmic companion, making one cycle around the Sun and the zodiac every 165 years. Meaning that these two planetary heavyweights meet in the skies every 13 years.

Each Jupiter-Neptune conjunction (the term astrologers use to describe the moment two or more planets occupy the exact same zodiacal position) occurs in a different sign, and every conjunction carries its own unique meaning and symbolism.

Typically, they run in consecutive order through the zodiac, making this alignment in Pisces – the final zodiac sign – of special significance. Because not only is it a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, but this conjunction also wraps up the end of an astrological cycle.

Another reason for this alignment’s wow factor is that both planets govern Pisces.

Jupiter is traditionally associated with the sign of the fish, but after Neptune was discovered in 1846, astrologers linked the blue planet to Pisces, believing it to represent the fish’s traits and themes more accurately.

Many astrologers vary in their rulership preferences, with some following the traditional planetary associations while others abide by modern rulerships.

But no matter which school of astrology you prefer, a potent emphasis is created when two planets connect in their home sign.

What to expect

So, what can we expect from this once-in-a-lifetime celestial phenomenon at 12.42am AEST, on April 13, in 23 degrees of Pisces?

As we stand on the threshold of a miracle, inspirational leaders, teachers and mentors will emerge across the globe to provide healing solutions to the world’s enigmatic problems, and these luminaries shine as beacons of hope for humanity.

From a personal perspective, this cosmic combination oozes optimism. In fact, it could be the answer to your prayers because when Jupiter and Neptune come together, the impossible becomes possible.

This alignment heralds a time of spiritual wisdom, personal advancement, and growth that facilitates a buoyed and empowered mindset despite personal losses, disappointments, and fears. As the guardian angel and miracle-granter of the zodiac, Jupiter fuels the desire to spread compassion far and wide.

Yet healing begins with self-introspection, which is why psychology, therapy and inner work can be exceptionally cathartic during this alignment in Pisces.

Neptune’s contribution adds a mystical tone. So, if you’re searching for your spiritual tribe or are interested in exploring a metaphysical subject, expect to land among like-minded people as you pursue your true north.

The miracle conjunction in a nutshell

Ultimately, Jupiter and Neptune’s alignment amplifies faith, evolutionary breakthroughs and gratitude, reigniting a zest for life. It is physically, spiritually and mentally nourishing,

and much like a personal cheerleader, it backs your pipedreams no matter how outrageous they might seem.

Still, you don’t have forever to use this planetary blessing. Once Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, the celestial magic begins to wane. Jupiter’s retrograde in November triggers a second conjunction, but its effects will be weaker and more subtle.

During this lesser alignment, you might tie up loose ends concerning a dream project or a hopeful undertaking that began in April.

There’s a shadow side

However, as with all astrological influences, there is a shadow side to how things could potentially play out. Although Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions are most often associated with all things wonderful, it’s essential to avoid self-destructive escapism.

At its worst, this planetary influence tempts drug use, alcoholism, foolishness and decisions based on fantasy. So, make wise choices and avoid self-sabotage at all costs. Remember that you can dream big without abandoning common sense and becoming lost in delusion.

Lift your head into the clouds, but at the same time, keep your feet on the ground. Believe in your personal magic and elevate your aspirations, and you will harness Jupiter and Neptune’s Piscean gifts.

Your Sun sign uncovers how the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction may influence your sign. But for a more accurate forecast, read your ascendant sign first and combine it with your Sun sign.

What Jupiter and Neptune aligned in Pisces means for you


Find your Zen (and possibly your soulmate) on a spiritual quest, meditation retreat or yoga camp. A premonition is on the cards, so pay close attention to vivid dreams as they could contain helpful guidance or a meaningful message from beyond the veil.


Resist the urge to fit in during Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction. This isn’t the time to follow the crowd but rather embrace and celebrate your individual talents. You’ll attract like-minded souls and connect with a high vibe group that brings out your best.


Is your work nourishing your soul? Jupiter and Neptune’s meet-up tempt you to abandon your day job and pursue your authentic calling. Follow your true north but don’t forget you have bills to pay. Balance your bread-and-butter job while moonlighting in your dream vocation.


Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction blows your mind when an epiphany helps you realize why something turned out the way it did. This month, your mind is like a thirsty sponge, so upskill, write a book on a metaphysical subject or broaden your spiritual views through travel.


Dig deep into your relationships and let people in, Leo. As Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction cracks you open, try to trust, not just in others but in yourself too. Sexual satisfaction spills into other areas of your life, empowering you and building confidence.


A golden nugget of wisdom comes from a mentor or partner. Walk away from people that discourage, gaslight or belittle you because Jupiter and Neptune’s alignment promises that greater love and support are just around the corner.


Ditch negative habits that are detrimental to your physical and mental wellbeing, and these changes will have a positive flow-on effect on other areas of your life. Aim to weave a spiritual practice that resonates with you into your daily routine.


Jupiter and Neptune’s alignment gets your creative juices flowing. You’ll create an inspired masterpiece by eliminating blocks that prevent you from honoring your inner artist. A romantic Mills & Boon style love affair is on the cards for single Scorpios.


Make your home a sanctuary that reflects your spiritual beliefs or relaxation style and surround yourself with candles, books or sentimental mementos. Be at peace with having different views from your family and forgive yourself for not living up to expectations. It’s okay to outgrow people, Sagittarius.


Make a firm decision that aligns with your dreams, and above all, avoid people-pleasing. Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction sees you speaking your truth and pursuing studies that help you smash a goal. When it comes to learning new skills, push yourself outside your comfort zone.


Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction teaches you that you are worthy and serving of abundance in its many forms. Over the next month, you’ll be gaining the resources and financial support you’ve been praying for. Be open to receiving some charitable assistance or a generous gift.


Because your sign hosts Jupiter and Neptune’s conjunction, April is a hugely transformational month for you, Pisces. Be unapologetically you, and you can move mountains. A fabulous image overhaul is doable, provided you work from the inside out. And remember, you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

Natasha Weber, PMAAAC, MAFA, is accredited by the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Federation of Australian Astrologers and the Victorian Astrologer’s Association. Natasha is one of only six recipients to have received the prestigious AAAC Diploma for her significant contribution to Astrological research | @astrotash


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