Home and Away spoilers (April 18 to 22)

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Next week on Home and Awaythe emotional repercussions from Ari’s death continues.

Elsewhere, Theo’s efforts to help the Parata family backfire, while Cash may be starting to regret moving in with Jasmine.

Here’s a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

1. Ryder and Theo’s gesture backfires

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Ryder and Theo present Chloe with the memorial video they made as a tribute to Ari. She’s delighted with the thoughtful gesture and starts playing the touching video on repeat.

When Ryder and Theo show Mia, her reaction couldn’t be more different as she makes the video self-indulgent and insensitive.

Ryder and Theo are stunned that their efforts to help have backfired so badly, but Justin points out that Mia will change her stance after taking some time to process her grievance.

2. Mia heads to the police station

mia anderson and cash newman in home and away

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Mia searches for closure over the murder charge that Ari was facing before he died. She feels guilty that Ari jeopardized his own reputation to protect her and Chloe.

When Mia visits the police station, she asks Cash for details on what happens with Matthew’s murder case now. She’s relieved when Cash explains that it won’t go any further and Ari won’t be formally recorded as a killer following his death.

3. Ari returns in a dream

ari parata and mia anderson's wedding in home and away

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Mia is offended when she finds out that Ziggy, Dean and John are planning a fundraiser to help the Parata family get back on track following Ari’s death.

Mia insists that she doesn’t want charity from the Summer Bay community and bans them from proceeding with the idea.

Later, Mia dreams of Ari and he appears to her one last time, with actor Rob Kipa-Williams resuming the role for a final appearance.

Ari advises Mia to keep friends and family close to her, which gives her cause to question her initial reaction to the fundraising idea.

4. Chloe returns to work too quickly

chloe anderson in home and away

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As the Parata family are facing financial challenges following Ari’s funeral expenses, Nikau gently encourages Chloe to go back to work at the Diner. She agrees, but privately worries that it’s too soon.

Chloe puts on a brave face at work, but her resolve ultimately crumbles and she walks out on her shift.

5. Tane’s plans concern Felicity

felicity newman and tane parata in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Tane looks to the future following the death of his older brother. He admits that when he looks ahead, all he sees is Felicity.

Although Felicity is initially flattered by Tane’s admission, her commitment fears soon resurface.

Felicity confides in Irene about how she’s unsure whether she can be there for Tane as a stable long-term love interest. Irene suggests that if Felicity really feels this way, she needs to tell Tane.

6. Logan asks Ryder to spy

logan bennett in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Logan tries to be supportive over Mackenzie’s grievance for Ari, but she insists that she just wants space.

As Logan still can’t help worrying, he asks Ryder to keep an eye on Mac during his latest shift at Salt.

When Mac later catches Logan and Ryder discreetly talking together, she realizes what they’re up to and tells them both off for spying on her.

7. Mac questions her feelings for Ari

mackenzie booth in home and away

Endemol ShineChannel 5

Constant mentions of Ari around Summer Bay start to take their toll on Mac, who regrets that she didn’t have closure on their relationship before he died. She confides in Ziggy about how she may have still been in love with Ari.

Dean encourages Mac to find her own way to say goodbye to Ari. She takes this on board by speaking to her late ex-boyfriend from the ocean shore.

Logan, who had grown concerned about Mac’s behavior, is relieved when she confirms that she secured the closure she’d needed.

8. Justin becomes curious about Dimitri

justin morgan in home and away

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Justin is pleased to be getting closer to Theo while Leah is away, but he can’t help wondering about Theo’s fractured relationship with his father Dimitri.

Justin discreetly pushes for details on what went wrong, but Theo shuts down his questions as he doesn’t want to talk about his abusive father.

With Justin unaware of Theo’s traumatic history, he struggles to understand why Theo won’t let him in.

9. Cash becomes awkward in his new home

cash newman and jasmine delaney in home and away

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Cash finds it difficult to settle into his new home after moving in with Jasmine at Irene’s place. The final straw comes when Irene catches him half-naked in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Irene is quick to reassure Jasmine that she has seen it all before and a half-dressed man doesn’t shock her, but it’s difficult to talk Cash round. Jasmine can’t help wondering whether her boyfriend is having second thoughts about moving in.

10. Roo faces a tough decision

roo stewart and alf stewart in home and away

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Alf decides to visit Martha in Merimbula for a while and he invites Roo to come with him. Roo is unsure over this, as she still can’t accept her mum’s decision to turn down her transplant offer.

Alf agrees to respect whichever choice Roo makes, but how will he feel when she stubbornly confirms that she’s not going?

11. John gives Roo food for thought

john palmer in home and away

Jeremy GreiveChannel 5

Roo confides in John about the mixed feelings she’s experiencing following Martha’s decision over the transplant.

Roo expects John to be on his side, but he points out that he’d never accept an organ from his child if there was a chance he could endanger them in the future. Will Roo start to change her stance?

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