What it’s like to live with aphasia, the condition that caused Bruce Willis to give up acting

If you read the news about Hollywood actor Bruce Willis stepping back from acting, you might have been left wondering about his condition, aphasia.

Aphasia is a language difficulty caused by an injury to the brain or a neurological disorder. It can leave people unable to communicate or understand what others are saying or writing.

More than 120,000 Australians are affected by the little-known condition, including Mimi Ermert, 80, who was diagnosed with aphasia after a stroke in 2013.

We spoke to Mimi and her husband, Konrad, to hear what it’s like living with aphasia.

How Mimi found out she had aphasia

Mimi: I wasn’t feeling particularly well. We’d traveled from Melbourne to Canberra to see family, and I was looking forward to going to bed.

Apparently, I blacked out momentarily. I had obviously had a stroke, so my son called the ambulance, and I was admitted to a nearby hospital.


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