TikTok star reveals her free luxury international travel hack

Getting overseas can be expensive but one money-saving TikTok expert has revealed a cheeky way to get most of your trip for free.

Taking a trip abroad can be expensive, especially if you want to travel in style and relax in luxury.

However, one woman has revealed how she gets free flights, food and five-star hotels when she travels – saving a fortune, The Sun reported.

TikTok user Jen, who goes by @smartypantsfinance, shared a video explaining that she works as a mystery shopper for airports, airlines, hotels and shops which gives her the opportunity to travel the world for a fraction of the price.

Becoming a mystery shopper for an airport means you can kick your holiday off in style by getting free food in restaurants or free snacks from shops.

“There are store mystery shops and restaurant mystery shops at airports,” she said.

“So instead of buying a meal before you get on your long flight, find a mystery shopping assignment to cover the cost of the meal or do a little shopping at the convenience store for snacks for your flight, all courtesy of mystery shopping.”

The next thing Jen recommends is becoming a mystery shopper for an airline, where you can make a serious saving on your holiday as you’ll get your flights paid for.

“Mystery shop on airlines so instead of just paying for your airfare out of pocket, get a mystery shopping assignment that covers all or part of your airfare in exchange for submitting a report about some aspect of the flight,” she said.

Once you’ve landed, you don’t want to have to fork out for a five-star hotel, so Jen advised taking a mystery shopping assignment to get the room covered – plus you might get some other perks.

“As a mystery shopper you evaluate a hotel and you submit a report in exchange for the entire cost of the hotel stay including the room, the taxes, the food and the spa visit,” she said.

Jen’s final tip was to become a mystery shopper at your destination to get free meals and souvenirs.

“Mystery shop at your destination. I have eaten in five star restaurants in Maui, Istanbul, Turkey, London and Paris all on mystery shopping assignments,” she said.

“I’ve also done shopping assignments at my destination so I can make a little money while I was on my vacation and come back with some free things.”

The video has been watched more than 20,000 times and Jen advised viewers to visit her website smartypantsfinance.com to learn more about becoming a mystery shopper.

Earlier, another mystery shopper shared some tips on how to bag a free upgrade.

Dan Shapiro’s main piece of advice was to act as if you are a mystery shopper even if you aren’t one as staff are more likely to upgrade you so they get a good review.

Travel experts also shared their tips on how to bag free upgrades.

Devon and Betsy Fata advised people to stay in new hotels and offer to leave a review as they’re more likely to offer free upgrades so they can get good feedback to entice more customers.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission


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