AFL news: How Brendan Fevola’s affair with Lara Bingle was discovered

Alex Fevola has revealed the crushing moment she learned AFL star husband Brendan Fevola was cheating with Lara Bingle.

Alex Fevola has revealed the crushing moment she learned husband Brendan was cheating on her with Lara Bingle.

The mum of four daughters says she could sense something was up well before her suspicions were proven to be correct.

In a new book released by the popular Instagram star she reveals the sad chain of events surrounding the most tumultuous time in her life.

Bingle, who now uses the last name Worthington after marrying Hollywood star Sam Worthington, was 19-years-old when her romance with the former AFL superstar began after the pair met during rehearsals for the AFL Footy Show’s Grand Final special.

She has previously said the relationship lasted five weeks — and said she did not know Fevola was married. She insists she is not a “home wrecker”.

Alex in 2006 dumped Brendan after discovering a message from Worthington on his mobile, confirming her suspicions he was having an affair with the young bikini model.

As first reported by The Herald SunFevola has now addressed the scandal in her new book, Silver Linings.

She reveals her husband appeared to be “rehearsing a lot” before the 2006 Footy Show extravaganza and says she noticed changes in his behavior.

“I felt a twinge of doubt. It was at that moment my heart sank. I felt sick,” Alex wrote after seeing Worthington perform a dancing routine during the live show.

“I felt insane even saying it but I knew it was true. I don’t know how I knew I just did. One of the reasons I felt this was because I knew Brendan very well and he’d mentioned every other person that was featuring on [The Footy Show], but he had never mentioned her. I knew exactly why.

“It all made sense; the underlying self-doubt I’d been feeling, the distance. In a split-second the dread set in, that horrible gut-wrenching feeling knowing my life was about to become very complicated.”

Fevola does not refer to Worthington by name in the entire book, referring to her as “a young blond model”.

She says the pair have only ever spoken once — when Fevola called Worthington several weeks after the Footy Show aired to confront her about the voice message Worthington had left on her husband’s phone.

“I said, ‘It’s Alex Fevola, Brendan’s wife. Why are you doing this?’,” she writes in the book.

“She was silent.

“I asked again, ‘How could you do this? You know he’s married and we’ve just had a baby.’

“There was a pause and then she hung up.

“That was it. I never called back; I had all the confirmation I needed.”

The Fevola’s marriage is now stronger than ever and the pair are filled with joy when it comes to daughters—Lulu, Leni, Tobi and Mia.

They were married in 2005, before divorcing in 2014. They got back together shortly after the separation.

In 2013 Fevola’s gambling problem was out of control — at one point losing $363,000 in one day.

Gambling away his family’s life savings, the former Brisbane Lions and Carlton great was forced to declare bankruptcy and was in a deep hole when Alex moved out.

The former Coleman medallist and the popular make-up artist now make up one of Melbourne’s power couples.

The former footballer has emerged as one of the most popular radio identities in Melbourne in recent years with his larrikin antics.


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