The Russian Ministry of Defense pays a $3,500 cash reward for the destruction of Himars

مقتل جنرال روسي في هجوم أوكراني بصواريخ "هيمارس" على مستودع ذخيرة في خيرسون (فيديو)

About 10,000 Russian soldiers received cash rewards for destroying Ukrainian military equipment, the highest being 300,000 rubles ($3,500) for destroying US-made HIMARS and Tochka-U missile launchers, as well as aircraft and helicopters.

“For 15 hits of the launch pad of the Tochka-U tactical complex and Himars multiple launch rocket systems, Russian servicemen received payments of 300,000 rubles each,” the Russian Defense Ministry said today.

In addition, this year 300 thousand rubles were paid for 45 Ukrainian helicopters and 71 aircraft destroyed by pilots and air defense operators.

The Russian Defense Ministry said more than 10,000 servicemen have received special payments for personal destruction or seizure of enemy military equipment so far.

Last year, 7,064 Russian military personnel received payments for blowing up 11,586 pieces of Ukrainian military equipment and weapons.

As of May 31 this year, Russia has paid 3,193 servicemen either 50,000 rubles ($583) or 100,000 rubles ($1,166) each for destroying 4,415 pieces of equipment used by Ukraine’s armed forces.

The ministry said: “100,000 rubles were handed over in 2023 to soldiers of units of the Ground and Air Forces, as well as Marines, including artillery units, for the destruction of hundreds of armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine…. Russian soldiers were paid 50,000 rubles for the destruction of 1,501 enemy armored fighting vehicles, 203 self-propelled guns and 85 multiple rocket launchers in 2023.”

Moscow added, “For the 15 Tochka-U tactical missile systems and Himars multiple launch missile systems, distinguished Russian servicemen received payments of 300,000 rubles.”

Russian soldiers received 50 thousand rubles for the successful interception by air defense systems of 941 missiles launched by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Tochka-U tactical complexes, Alder, Smerch, Uragan and HIMARS multiple launch missile systems, as well as the destruction of 1211 Ukrainian medium-range unmanned aircraft.

US-made Patriot air defense systems

Russian naval soldiers, who succeeded in destroying six unmanned Ukrainian speedboats that attacked Russian ships and civilian infrastructure in Crimea, received 200,000 rubles ($2,332) each.

“Currently, based on reports of unit commanders in Zaporozhye and South Donetsk regions, payments are made to servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces who destroyed Leopard tanks, as well as armored fighting vehicles manufactured by the United States and other NATO countries during hostilities,” the Defense Ministry said. Russian.

Payments are made on the basis of orders from commanders of military units and transferred to military personnel on their personal financial accounts.

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