The Russian Ministry of Defense accuses the United States of building drones that carry malaria-infected mosquitoes to use against Russian soldiers

وزارة الدفاع الروسية تتهم الولايات المتحدة ببناء درونات حاملة لبعوض مصاب بالملاريا لاستخدامها ضد الجنود الروس

The Russian Ministry of Defense has claimed that the United States is building special drones that can release malaria-carrying mosquitoes away from enemy lines as a new type of biological weapon for use against Russian soldiers.

A senior Kremlin official accused the United States of equipping drones targeting Russian forces by dropping malaria-carrying mosquitoes on soldiers.

“The flooding of the Kherson region planned by the Kiev regime could complicate the situation, including with regard to arboviruses,” Kirillov said, referring to the recent collapse of the Kakhova Dam in southern Ukraine.

And he said, “After the water level drops, it is possible for the formation of hotbeds of mosquito-borne diseases, foremost of which is West Nile fever,” according to the Daily Mail.

“The high technical level of US willingness to use infected vectors is evidenced by a drone designed to spread infected mosquitoes into the air.”

Kirillov did not provide any additional details, but said: “The drone must deliver a container with insects to a designated area and release it.”

Malaria is a serious disease transmitted by the bite of the mosquito that transmits malaria.

Here are some common symptoms of malaria:

Persistent fever
• High temperature
Reflux and diarrhea
• headache
• Pain in the muscles and joints
• Fatigue and exhaustion

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