Did the Chinese J-20 stealth plane make its first flight using the domestic WS-15 engine?

هل قامت الطائرة الصينية الشبحية J-20 بأول رحلة لها باستخدام المحرك المحلي WS-15؟

It is unclear if China’s fifth-generation fighter jet, the J-20 Mighty Dragon, was flown with the domestically produced Chinese WS-15 Emei engine.

But a cartoon circulated on social media today, described as “classified information” that China had succeeded in developing a WS-15 turbofan engine that supports “afterburner” technology similar to that used by the competing American fighter jet, the F-22 Raptor.

The development of jet engines for combat aircraft is one of the technological developments in China bearing in mind that this will make it easier for China to develop future fighter aircraft projects.

On April 5, the media reported that China had started mass production of the WS-15 turbofan engine for the J-20.

The WS-15 is a newly designed engine that will be used until 2050, according to a statement from China’s Aero Engine Corporation (AECC).

This motor is designed to have a long service life and has higher performance than the WS-10C motor.

With this engine equipped with thrust vectoring technology, the J-20 can maneuver more agilely.

In addition, the J-20 can perform supersonic flight without having to turn on the afterburner.

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