Emergency landing of an Indian Apache helicopter in an agricultural field (video)

تحطم مروحية AH-64 أباتشي يونانية فوق نهر أثناء محاولتها تقليد مناورة قامت بها مروحية التمساح KA-52 الروسية

An Indian Air Force official said an Indian Air Force Apache attack helicopter made a “precautionary landing” near Bhind in Madhya Pradesh on May 29.

He said there were no injuries.

Officials said the precautionary landing meant there could be some minor issues, for which the plane landed as a precaution.

An AH-64 Apache helicopter of the Indian Air Force carried out a precautionary landing near Bhind, during a routine operational exercise. The crew and the plane are safe. The rescue team has reached the site,” according to an Indian Air Force statement.

An Indian Air Force spokesperson in Delhi said: “The aircraft was on a normal routine training mission. The pilot made a precautionary landing near Bhind.”

An Indian Air Force spokesperson said the accident occurred at around 8.45 am.

He confirmed that no damage was caused to any person or material, adding that the plane is currently under examination.

Earlier, the Inspector General of Chambal District told PTI that there were no fatalities or injuries in (the) landing.

Some videos circulated on social media platforms, showing a number of people gathered near the plane.

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