The M142 HIMARS missile system destroys the rare Russian Zoo-1 radar

نظام الصواريخ M142 HIMARS يدمر رادار Zoo-1 الروسي النادر

Ukrainian special operations forces and artillery destroyed a rare Russian Zoopark-1 (Zoo-1) radar station that was targeted by the HIMARS missile system.

Although the Russian Defense Ministry has more than once announced in its reports the destruction of Ukrainian HIMARS systems, American missile systems continue to destroy Russian military equipment and equipment. The anti-artillery radar station near Bakhmut was destroyed by a high-precision GMLRS missile.

The video above shows the destruction of two Russian vehicles. Perhaps the second target of the American missile system M142 HIMARS was the electronic warfare station R-934B Sinitsa.

The Zoo-1 system is designed for reconnaissance and detection of enemy ground artillery systems. The radar system is able to detect the positions and trajectory of artillery missiles.

The radar is installed on the chassis of the MT-LB tracked vehicle. According to the Russian developers, the system can detect 120mm mortars, 105/155mm howitzers and multiple launch rocket systems at ranges of up to 17km, up to 12km and up to 45km, respectively.

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