Learned from the war in Ukraine, Kalashnikov develops ‘stealth’ armor for tanks

مُتعلمة من الحرب في أوكرانيا،، كلاشينكوف تطور درعًا "شبحيًا" للدبابات

A Russian Kalashnikov company has developed an armor coating that reduces the tank’s visibility by thermal and radar imaging devices.

A special protective material called “Cape” (or Nakidka in Russian) is produced by JSC Steel Research Institute (NII Stali).

“The material reduces the visibility of tanks and other military equipment at different wavelengths, and it will begin to be delivered to customers for use in combat conditions,” Kalashnikov said in a statement.

In particular, a number of domestic engineering firms received the first Cape samples from NII Stali for equipping tanks with this armor.

The fighting in Ukraine has shown that armored vehicles are not only disabled by anti-tank guns, but also as a result of artillery fire or long-range missile attacks.

In this case, the bombing is carried out after the enemy has detected the equipment using satellite or aerial reconnaissance equipment.

The obvious solution to this is camouflaging equipment, and the Steel Research Institute here offers various ways to reduce visibility.

The Cape protects the tank from detection by radar and thermal imaging reconnaissance devices. Their shapeshifting coloration also provides visual camouflage.

Today, the Cape is an indispensable item in Russia’s possession of armored vehicles delivered to combat zones.

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