The smart Israeli coastal defense system, Sea Breaker, and news of a contract by Morocco to control the Strait of Gibraltar

The Sea Breaker is a precision-guided, long-range, fifth-generation, precision-guided, land-attack and anti-ship missile system. It is designed and developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It can be launched from ships or land. The air-launched version of this missile is known as the Ice Breaker.

The system offers two services in one platform, which is hitting sea and land targets.

The system utilizes Rafael’s wide range of technological innovations such as electro-optical seeker, computer vision, artificial intelligence, decision-making, and immunity to electronic countermeasures (ECM). To meet the complex challenges of modern warfare, the SEA BREAKER® system delivers targeted strikes from distant ranges of up to 300 km against high-value sea and land targets at subsonic high speed.

Sea Breaker is a highly effective solution in complex anti-access/counter-denial-denial arenas, even under severe electronic warfare and GNSS-denial conditions.

News about Morocco’s contracting of the Israeli cruise missile, the Sea Breaker, against ships and land targets

Morocco plans to deploy missiles made by the Israeli company “Rafael” in the Tangiers and Nador regions to improve control of the Strait of Gibraltar. This came in response to Spain’s decision to reinforce its military presence in the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, on the rock of Feliz de la Gomera, and in Al Hoceima and the occupied islands of Chafarinas.

Morocco wants to quickly sign an agreement with Israel to deploy SEA BREAKER missiles in the Tangiers and Nador regions in order to control the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea. Morocco signed this year a military agreement with Israel in the amount of $22 million, aimed at obtaining drones and fifth-generation missiles with the aim of controlling by sea and land the area adjacent to the occupied Ceuta and Melilla, according to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Morocco is particularly interested in the Sea Breaker, which is the latest anti-ship missile from the Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. It is an independent long-range naval attack missile system that can also carry out a ground attack in depth.

The Rafael company says that the missile “allows the implementation of precision strikes at long distances of up to 300 kilometers against land and sea targets,” adding that another fifth-generation Spike NLOS missile can hit targets, on land and at sea, at a distance of 20 miles.

The SEA BRAKER system is a flexible and highly intelligent solution against ships and ground targets.

The system’s powerful penetration, explosive and fragmentation warheads, combined with precision on target, allow it to neutralize a frigate-sized ship with a single hit and destroy high-value land targets.

Featuring an advanced IIR (Infrared Imaging) seeker, the missile is ideal for simultaneous engagement of stationary or moving targets in all weather conditions.

Sea Breaker can attack multi-directional and simultaneous with more than one missile.

The missile can be launched from ships or from coastal defense platforms, and it can fly at a very low altitude and track the terrain, enabling a precise and sudden attack against sea and land targets. The system also provides automated mission planning,
And automatic recognition of the target and attacking it, in addition to the possibility of multi-directional and simultaneous attack with more than one missile.

Deep learning algorithms and artificial intelligence

The guidance system uses deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, accurate and independent guidance, photoelectric seeker, infrared IIR, computer vision, Data Link.

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