F-16 fighters intercept a Cessna 560 Citation V over Washington, DC

القنبلة الانزلاقية المجنحة JSOW تعزز ترسانة مقاتلات الإف-16 المغربية

The Pentagon authorized F-16s to fly at supersonic speeds over Washington to intercept a Cessna 560 Citation V – the business jet failed to make contact and eventually crashed.

On June 4, residents of Washington, D.C., were frightened by a powerful explosion – a sonic boom struck the city after fighter jets flew at supersonic speeds. Almost immediately, local authorities said it caused the planes to accelerate faster than the speed of sound.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has now revealed details of the incident.

The command said the F-16 fighter jets were allowed to fly at supersonic speed to intercept a Cessna 560 Citation V business jet. The plane flew over Long Island before returning to Washington, DC.

The military tried to contact the business jet, but the pilot did not respond. As a result, a civilian Cessna 560 Citation V crashed near George Washington National Forest, Virginia.

And according to Flight Aware, the Cessna 560 Citation V is registered to Encore Motors. The plane’s owner, John Rampell, said his daughter, a child and a babysitter were on board.

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