Egypt and Saudi Arabia are negotiating with China on huge arms deals

رصد طائرة مقاتلة من طراز J-10CP بألوان سلاح الجو الباكستاني

• Middle Eastern countries are seeking to diversify arms supplies amid the Ukraine war and tensions with Washington, according to an intelligence website.

• A report said that Riyadh is eyeing air defense systems and drones as part of a potential deal to be paid in yuan while Cairo plans to buy J-10C fighter jets.

China is reportedly in talks with Saudi Arabia and Egypt about major arms deals as the two countries seek to diversify their arms supplies to become less dependent on the United States and Russia.

The Saudi Military Industries Company (SAMI) is currently in talks with the “North China Industries Group” (Norinco), a state-owned defense company, to purchase weapons ranging from reconnaissance drones to air defense systems, according to a report published by the “Tactical Report” website, It is a Beirut-based intelligence website that focuses on Middle Eastern affairs.

Weapons involved in the potential deal include a Sky Saker FX80 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a CR500 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drone, a Dragon 5 and 10 cruise missile — two types of loitering munitions, otherwise known as suicide drones — and a defense system Short Range Air Force HQ-17AE (SHORAD), the website reported last week.

The site also mentioned that Cairo plans to buy advanced Chinese J-10C fighter jets.

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