Egypt is counting on defense offers to bring in customers for its military products

رئيس مصنع 200 الحربي: بدء الإنتاج الكمي للمدرعة المصرية "سيناء 200" والتحضير لعملية إعادة تطوير دبابات القتال الرئيسية M1A1 أبرامز

Egypt has historically maintained continuous investment in the latest weapons as a defense strategy and has strengthened national production lines through a range of military complexes.

Egyptian defense companies rely on defense exhibitions and offer potential customers interest in their products. At the defense exhibition IDEX 2023, which was held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Egyptian companies showcased a plethora of capabilities ranging from armored vehicles to marine, unmanned and electronic solutions.

Cairo’s participation in this event highlights the progress made in the local defense industrial complex which is now able to provide the latest requirements for the army, thus reducing dependence on foreign suppliers. The military industrial complex in Egypt has been enjoying a booming growth since the past decade due to continuous government support, and the need to modernize the military forces and in their best combat condition.

Head of the Military Factory 200: Starting quantitative production of the Egyptian armored vehicle “Sinai 200” and preparing for the process of redeveloping the M1A1 Abrams main battle tanks

In Egypt’s pavilion at IDEX 2023, models of several products were shown, including infantry fighting vehicles IFV “Sena 200”, basic radar ESR-32B and radar P-01 for drones, anti-drone jamming system, and IFF transceiver , the Egyptian “Maadi” automatic rifle, an upgraded BM-21 “Sakr” launcher, a 122 mm D-30 self-propelled howitzer, and armored steel plates.

For land warfare, the Egyptian National Industrial Development Company (ENCID) showcased its indigenous tactical military gear for the infantry. While the Egyptian Army’s Industrial Engineering Complex showcased its new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles “Temsah 4” equipped with the locally remote controlled Eagle weapon station.

The Egyptian Engineering Industrial Park has developed a range of protected mobility vehicles called Temsah, which are based on commercial off-the-shelf structures to reduce life-cycle costs.

The Crocodile-4 was shown at IDEX 2023 based on the Mercedes-Benz 1725 Atego 4×4 chassis, with a maximum gross vehicle weight of 15 tons including 4 tons of payload.

Other members of the Crocodile 4×4 family include the Sherpa which is based on the French Arquus Sherpa 4×4 chassis as well as the compact Crocodile 3, 5 and 6 which in addition to being marketed in APC configuration is also available as a pickup.

Models of the Egyptian Temsah family of armored vehicles that were displayed at IDEX 2023 included Temsah II MRAP, Temsah III Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) and Temsah Sherpa Light Tactical Armored Vehicle (LTAV).

Egypt also offered to upgrade its Multiple Rocket Launchers (MRLS/BM21) which feature adjustable missile tubes converted into disposable canisters, as well as the installation of a locally developed Fire Control System (FCS). Egypt is also seeking to convert 122mm Falcon ammunition with a guide kit.

There was also an Egyptian modification of the D30 122mm howitzer by mounting it on a Ural 4320 truck with a reinforced frame and hydraulic stabilizers, a similar modification was also done on the M-46 130mm howitzer, following lessons learned from the Russian/Ukrainian war that mounted artillery is advantageous over towed versions .

In the field of aviation, Egypt offers the services of a helicopter maintenance center in Egypt. The center can provide maintenance and repair services for up to 16 helicopters at the same time, as it has obtained four licenses to provide these services for Russian Mi-24 and Mi-8/17 warplanes and French Gazelle helicopters.

Cairo has developed a domestic defense and security industry that produces a range of products from small arms to armored vehicles and naval vessels. The local industry has succeeded in signing co-production agreements with many countries, including the United States and France.

The Egyptian government’s plan is to export Egyptian weapons to countries in Africa and the Middle East in order to increase Egyptian influence on the continent.

To further exploit the potential of defense exhibitions and displays, Egypt is organizing the third edition of the Egyptian Defense Exhibition (EDEX) taking place from December 4-7, 2023. The award-winning exhibition offers exhibitors a unique opportunity to showcase the latest technologies, equipment and systems across land, sea and air.

EDEX is fully supported by the Egyptian Armed Forces consisting of 920,000 military personnel, the largest military force in Africa and one of the leading forces worldwide, Egypt is the perfect venue for a large-scale defense and security event.

The biennial Expo will showcase the latest land, sea and air military technologies, equipment and systems, with more than 35,000 visitors from the military and defense industries expected to attend from December 4 to 7, 2023.

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