Egypt exports military armored vehicles to France!

مصر تُصدر مدرعات عسكرية لفرنسا!

In an interview between Al-Ahram newspaper and Major General Omar Abdel Aziz, head of the Qadir Factory, the general stated that Egypt is exporting the “Fahd” armored vehicle to France, with specifications assigned to it.

He also revealed that a production line for ceramic shields is being prepared.

Fahd armored vehicle, the pride of the Egyptian armor industry

The Fahd armored vehicle is a purely Egyptian industry, 100% implemented and designed by United Nations missions in all areas where peacekeeping forces operate.

The Omani police also rely on it to maintain security and safety in the country.

It was exported to Kuwait with 210 armored vehicles, and to Algeria with 200 armored vehicles. It was also exported to Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Bosnia.

It operates in Bangladesh as management and control vehicles, and in Sudan with the Special Forces.

It recently appeared in Iraq as a command, control and management armored vehicle.

In December 2019, the Fahd armored vehicle was exported to Burundi, as a first batch of 19 armored vehicles. There are new export contracts for Libya, Iraq and some African countries, including Nigeria.

Egypt is one of the largest military industrialization castles in the world, the second in the Middle East, and the first in the Arab world and Africa. And Egypt began to move towards obtaining its own share in the arms market by exporting weapons.

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