Egypt begins to modernize and develop its outdated artillery

مصر تبدأ في تحديث وتطوير مدفعيتها المتقادمة

In recent years, Egypt has taken important steps to modernize and develop its military capabilities. One of its areas of focus has been strengthening its artillery, which plays an important role in both defensive and offensive operations.

Egyptian Military Factory 200 led these efforts by initiating modifications and upgrades to two legacy artillery systems: the M46-1M 130mm towed field gun and the D-30 122mm howitzer.

Egyptian Military Factory 200 is now modernizing the M46-1M 130mm towed field gun by converting it into a mobile artillery system, and mounting the gun on a modified Kraz 6322 6×6 truck chassis.

A reliable and proven weapon, the M46-1M 130mm towed field gun has served the Egyptian armed forces for several decades. The Egyptian Army operates huge numbers of the M46 within its mechanized infantry units.

However, the need for mobility and increased firepower prompted Egypt to convert this traditional towed weapon into a mobile artillery system.

This involved mounting the cannon on the chassis of a modified Kraz 6×6 armored truck. Integrating the M46-1M into a mobile platform greatly enhances its versatility and operational capabilities. The modified system allows for rapid deployment, rapid carriage, and improved firing accuracy, making it a formidable asset on the battlefield.

Similarly, the Egyptian Army has adopted a similar approach to modernizing the D-30 122mm howitzer, another artillery piece that has been in its long-running inventory. By converting it into a mobile artillery system, mounted on Ural 4320 trucks with a reinforced frame and hydraulic stabilizers, Egypt has enhanced its flexibility and operational efficiency.

The Ural-4320 is a 6×6 general purpose off-road vehicle, produced at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass, Russia for use in the Russian Army.

The D-30’s mobile configuration enables it to quickly maneuver across various terrains and respond effectively to changing battlefield conditions. The reinforced frame and hydraulic stabilizers ensure stability during firing, which improves accuracy and reduces setup time.

These upgrades and modifications indicate Egypt’s commitment to maintaining a modern and formidable artillery arsenal. By converting towed guns into mobile artillery systems, Egypt can rapidly adapt to evolving combat scenarios, efficiently deploy firepower, and effectively support ground operations.

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