A Russian Ka-52 helicopter destroys two Ukrainian tanks in just 24 seconds

نيران صديقة.. القوات الروسية تُسقط طائرة مروحية هجومية من طراز Ka-52 بالخطأ

A video released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows the moment two Ukrainian tanks were destroyed.

All scenes were captured in a comprehensive demonstration of the Advanced Electro-optical System (EOS) of the Russian Air Force’s Ka-52 “Alligator” attack helicopter.

The two Ukrainian tanks, the type of which is not clear, were destroyed in just 24 seconds, Russian media reported.

The two unlucky Ukrainian tanks were stationed in an open area.

Russia used the 9-A-4172K Vikhr-1 anti-tank missile (ATGM) to eliminate the tanks.

The first missile was launched that took to the skies and reached its target in just 12 seconds.

Then a second missile was quickly fired, destroying the second target behind it.

The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the Ka-52 helicopters bravely repelled the attack of the Ukrainian armed forces in southern Donetsk.

“The skilled crew of the Ka-52 helicopter destroyed two Ukrainian tanks,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

As is known, the Russian Air Force relies heavily on the Ka-52 and Mi-28N attack helicopters in the fight against Ukrainian tanks and other combat vehicles in the special military operation that began in February 2022.

Ka-52 heavy attack helicopter

The Ka-52 is a Russian attack helicopter developed by Kamov Aviation. The Ka-52 is an improved version of the Ka-50, which was used by the Russian Air Force.

An Egyptian Kamov Ka-52 helicopter

The Ka-52 helicopter is characterized by its ability to carry out attack missions with high effectiveness. The model is equipped with advanced weapons systems, including guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, and machine guns. It can also carry Ataka anti-tank missiles.

The Ka-52 has advanced control and sensing capabilities, with integrated navigation, target control and weapon control systems. The helicopter is equipped with high-precision radars and advanced optical and thermal systems, allowing its crew to efficiently see and track targets in various conditions, including adverse weather conditions.

The Ka-52 is a multi-purpose helicopter platform that can be used for attack, reconnaissance and training missions. It can also provide air support to the ground and naval forces.

The Ka-52 helicopter is one of the latest developments in the field of Russian military aviation and is designed to enhance the combat capability of the Russian Armed Forces in the field of air attack and air defense.

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