A new Russian Kornet-D armored vehicle challenges the Ukrainian armored force

مركبة مدرعة روسية جديدة من طراز Kornet-D تتحدى القوة المدرعة الأوكرانية​

In a report by the Russian Ministry of Defense on June 9, 2023, the newly launched kornet -D anti-tank wheeled armored vehicle is positioned as a game-changer in the fight against Bradley infantry transport IFVs and German Leopard 2 tanks that were awarded to the Ukrainian Army, equipped with To destroy tanks and other armored vehicles, the Kornet-D can even destroy hardened structures, soldiers in shelters, and low-speed, low-altitude targets from up to 10 km away.

Countering armored vehicles and tanks donated by the Ukrainian military has emerged as a major target for Russian forces stationed in Ukraine. Russian tank divisions have reportedly identified vulnerabilities in these vehicles to enhance their destructive capability. Furthermore, the Russians appear to have formed specialized anti-tank units that use portable weapons. anti-tank.

The Kornet-D is an advanced anti-tank missile carrier vehicle designed and developed entirely by the Russian defense industry. This vehicle was first introduced during the Victory Day military parade rehearsal in April 2015. It is based on the Tigr-M, a 4×4 tactical armored vehicle.

The Kornet-D comes equipped with two sets of four Kornet missile launchers, each one independently raised for attack. These launchers are cleverly concealed inside the vehicle. In Route mode, it only takes seconds to lift and lock on target. Each launcher comes with its own optical monitoring, tracking and guidance systems. The vehicle carries 16 missiles in total and 8 missiles are ready for deployment.

One notable feature of the Kornet-D is its ability to fire two missiles less than a second apart, either at two separate targets or simultaneously at a single target. This feature is designed to outperform active protection systems, with the first missile firing the tank’s active protection system, Allowing the second missile to hit the target and firing the double missile also increases the probability of destroying the tank when the target lacks an active protection system.

The Kornet-D can operate under various conditions, including bad weather and enemy countermeasures and the missile launch can be controlled remotely from up to 50 meters away using a remote control unit.

Produced by Russia’s KBP Hardware Industry Bureau, the Kornet is a primarily highly efficient anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system used to engage and destroy armored vehicles, fortifications, and other targets.

A typical Kornet missile system consists of a launch unit and an array of missiles, with the launcher being portable and adaptable to different platforms such as wheeled vehicles, tracked vehicles or tripods. The missiles are wire-guided and come with a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead, designed to defeat Modern tank armor.

With a maximum range of about 5.5 km (3.4 mi) and the ability to penetrate up to 1,200 mm (47 in) of armor, depending on the version, the Kornet uses a semi-automatic command in line of sight (SACLOS) guidance system and allows the operator to track and aim a target. the missile, ensuring that it remains on course until impact.

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