The Brazilian Senate approves the Brazil-Morocco Defense Cooperation Agreement

بعد توقيع اتفاقية التعاون العسكري والدفاعي.. البرازيل قد تمنح المغرب المعدات العسكرية المتطورة التالية

Yesterday, Thursday (25-06-2023), the plenary session approved the text of the agreement concluded between Brazil and Morocco for defense services.

The agreement signed in 2019 addresses cooperation between Brazil and Morocco, including sharing knowledge and technologies in the field of defence. In addition, relevant governments can promote joint military training measures and conduct exchanges to train instructors and students.

After signing the military and defense cooperation agreement, Brazil may grant Morocco the following advanced military equipment

The agreement stipulates that the two countries should establish a joint working group to coordinate activities. The team is mainly made up of representatives from the National Defense, the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces and the Brazilian Ministry of Defence.

Brazilian long-range MICLA-BR cruise missile

Focusing on areas of research and development, the text provides for other activities, such as organizing cultural events and providing humanitarian assistance. The provision of assistance, in accordance with the legislation of each country, through articles and services related to the field of defense is also one of the objectives of the agreement.

The partnership between Brazil and Morocco will remain in effect for five years, and after this period, it can be renewed for another five years.

When approved by the Committee on Foreign Affairs and National Defense (CRE), in April, the agreement includes the implementation and development of defense technology application programs, taking into account industry sharing and technology and knowledge transfer between the two countries.

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