“If Morocco had the intention of harming Algeria, it would have devoured it in a record time.” – French President Macron!

الكونجرس يؤكد صفقات الدفاع الجوي للإمارات والمغرب والبحرين مع إسرائيل

French President Emmanuel Macron said in an audio leak attributed to him that “if Morocco had the intention of harming Algeria, it would have devoured it in a record circumstance. As for Algeria, it is just a market for “Russian scrap.”

He said, “Morocco is capable of torpedoing Algeria, but it has other priorities!”

The audio leak attributed to Macron overturned social media, where activists circulated the audio recording, which included harsh criticism of Algeria that amounted to insult, as Macron described Algerian President Tebboune as “naive” and “decisionless,” hinting at the control of the military establishment in Algeria, which Macron considered a market. For Russian scrap due to its reliance on Russian weapons to arm its army.

The leak, whose authenticity could not be confirmed, remains hostage to conflicting readings between those who rule out that Macron has a position that might put his country in a new crisis with Algeria, considering that the timing of the leak aims to undermine Tebboune’s visit to Paris, and those who see in it Macron’s true view of Algeria.

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