Golani Brigade.. the strongest brigade of the Israeli army participates in the ‘African Lion’ maneuvers in Morocco

لواء غولاني.. أقوى لواء للجيش الإسرائيلي يشارك في مناورات "الأسد الأفريقي" في المغرب

A delegation of 12 soldiers and commanders from the elite unit of the Golani Brigade of the Israeli army joined the “African Lion 2023” international exercise in Morocco on Sunday, according to the Israeli army spokesperson.

Led by the IDF Ground Forces, the exercise involves nearly 18 countries and 8,000 soldiers from the United States, Morocco and Ghana’s military.

The delegation of the Golani Brigade is heading to Morocco

The Golani Brigade’s 12-member delegation, made up of highly trained fighters and commanders, left for Morocco on Sunday to participate in this cooperative training opportunity.

Over the next two weeks, Golani Brigade soldiers will focus on a series of diverse combat challenges. These challenges will include urban warfare tactics, honing their skills in asymmetric warfare and specialized underground covert operations.

The training will culminate in a joint exercise involving all participating forces, where they will enhance their group training experiences.

The primary objective of the “African Lion” exercise is to foster strong bonds among participating countries and to promote mutual learning between foreign militaries. By engaging in the multinational platform, the IDF aims to strengthen international relations and enhance cooperation in the field of defense and security.

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